Why Im Interested In Computers/Technology


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Throughout my life I have always been so fascinated with computers and the technology incorporated in them. The time I got my first computer, I would always play around with it, going thru the settings and changing stuff that probably should not have been changed to my liking. It was great just finding new and exciting things to do was always a great adventure when I was younger and even now it still is. The beauty about technology though, was that it was made for the sole purpose to explore and change things to something to your own image, in my opinion of course I loved the great feeling of going through the different mechanics of the computer and changing something about it, weather it be something small like changing the theme or screen saver, or something huge like changing a windows laptops operating system from Windows OS to Mac OS. The possibilities when it comes to technology and the different things you could change, replace, and manipulate to your own liking is endless. The sheer magnitude of it is quite amazing. Overall computers are a huge part of my life and to be honest it is too most people nowadays as well. Technology is growing everyday and so is computers as well, most mechanical devices built in todays society incorporate computers in some way, and its great to now that computers are a huge part of our society not just in the U.S but in all different regions around the world.

There is a great book that i read over the summer about Computers and Technology in our society. I will leave a link to the book and where to get it on this page bellow. its a great read.

Link Here .

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