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Confirm your intent to enroll

For students required to live on campus, submission of the housing contract and deposit (or commuter application) confirms your intent to enroll at OHIO. For other students, submission of the final transcript confirms your intent to enroll.

At OHIO, all freshman and transfer students with fewer than four semesters or six quarters in the residence halls after high school graduation are required to live on campus.

Students who meet certain criteria may apply for an exemption to this policy. Students who are not required to live on campus may still apply for housing.

Our beautiful, historic, residential campus provides an environment where students of diverse backgrounds live and learn together, build friendships and share their ideas and perspectives. More than 7,200 students live in our 42 residence halls and dine in our award-winning campus eateries. Residential Housing provides all the comforts you expect, along with creative programs to enhance the academic, social, cultural, recreational and service aspects of your life.

Important Dates

Activate OHIO ID  

Upon Applying to OHIO

Submit the housing contract  

Beginning January 6

Choose a dining plan  

Beginning January 6

Pay $200 housing deposit  

Beginning January 6

Advanced roommate search begins  

March 10

Register to attend Bobcat Student Orientation  

April 1 (beginning at 9 a.m.)

Financial aid award letters mailed  

April 28

Add a roommate to the housing contract  

Beginning May 2

Room selection begins (students will receive a scheduled date/time)  

May 12

Check To-Do List on Student Portal and complete all financial aid requirements  

May 20

Deadline for requesting housing deposit refund  

June 1

Request final transcript(s) to be sent  

Mid June

Move-in during times scheduled according to last name  

August 21 - August 22

2015-2016 FAFSA is available  

January 1

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