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Path: Freshman Fall 2014 Calendar

Important Dates

Activate OHIO ID  

Upon Applying to OHIO

Submit the housing contract  

Beginning January 6

Choose a dining plan  

Beginning January 6

Pay $200 housing deposit  

Beginning January 6

Submit the housing exemption form (if applicable)  

Beginning January 6

Admission deadline for scholarship consideration  

February 1

Learning community information mailed to students  

February 1

Complete the LC application  

Beginning February 1

File the FAFSA  

Mid February

Orientation invitations mailed to students  


Determine math placement level. Take placement test to improve level, if needed.  

March 1 - June 4

Advanced roommate search begins  

March 10

ACT/SAT score receipt date for scholarship consideration  

March 15

OHIO’s first-priority date for receipt of FAFSA results  

March 15

Financial aid award letters mailed  

Beginning March 24

Register to attend Bobcat Student Orientation  

April 1 (beginning at 9 a.m.)

Deadline for scholarship recipients to confirm intent to enroll  

May 1

Deadline to complete a housing exemption form (if applicable)  

May 1

Housing contract and deposit deadline to be included in early room selection  

May 1

Deadline for requesting housing deposit refund  

May 1

Deadline for submitting LC application  

May 1

Add a roommate to the housing contract  

Beginning May 2

Room selection begins (students will receive a scheduled date/time)  

May 12

Review the 2014-2015 academic calendar  

Mid May

Contact Student Accessibility Services if you need accommodations for a disability  

Mid May

Request final transcript(s) be sent  

Mid May

Review the Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  

Mid May

Check To-Do List on Student Portal and complete all financial aid requirements  

May 20

Complete Tech 101  


Review the Student Code of Conduct prior to attending orientation  


First-year room change process begins  

June 1

Attend Bobcat Student Orientation  

June 4 - 26

Attend LC information session at orientation  

June 4 - 26

Registration for remaining spaces in LCs available during orientation  

June 4 - 26

View student financial account online  

Beginning July 14

Enrollment for monthly payment plan available  

Beginning July 14

Alcohol and sexual assault education available online  

Beginning July 28

View online arrival guide for students  


Fall semester account balance due  

August 21

Move-in during times scheduled according to last name  

August 21 - August 22

Complete the Health History Form  

August 22

Start fall semester classes  

August 25

2015-2016 FAFSA is available  

January 1

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