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Faculty & Staff Regulations

The following regulations pertaining to parking on campus are in effect at all times. This list of infractions is provided to help faculty/staff avoid inconvenience when parking on campus. Please contact Parking Services at 740.593.1917 for information or assistance.


Appealing a Citation

Appeals must be filed online within 10 days of the citation date and time. Once the ten days has expired, the citation may not be appealed. All citations must be paid prior to appeal. Once the committee has reviewed an appeal, the decision is final and binding. There is no second appeals process. All citations matched to a student will be billed to their student account after the citation is older than 11 days. This is to allow an appeal of a citation if desired. If the appeal is awarded or reduced, the amount paid will be reimbursed. File an appeal online.


Disability Spaces

Disability spaces are reserved for people who have disabilities and properly display a State issued disability parking placard. Individuals who believe they meet the criteria of being physically disabled may apply for a state disability parking placard through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Disability placards must then be registered with Parking Services in order to be valid on campus (placard registration required). Individuals must then ensure that a valid Ohio University parking permit accompanies the disability placard when parking on campus.

Temporary disability parking permits (not to exceed two weeks) may be obtained from Parking Services provided documentation from a physician is presented. Violators may be cited in accordance with Ohio law and/or towed.


Handwritten Notices

Parking Services does not recognize notes placed on vehicles indicating a lost permit, length of parking, etc. Vehicles displaying a note for any reason will be ticketed and/or towed.



Meter Violations are $10. However, they will escalate to $15 if they are not paid within 48 hours. Payment must be received (postmarked) within this 48 hour time frame to avoid escalating fees. Please do not use campus mail for meter violation payments. Payment can be also be submitted online by clicking here.

Meters are located in various places across campus. Fee and time restrictions are posted on each meter. Vehicles parked at a meter that has expired will be issued a $10 citation for "Expired Meter". Vehicles can be cited every hour at an expired meter, those parked for extended periods of time are subject to immobilization fees for overtime parking at a metered space.

Meters that have been bagged as "Reserved" require a special "Reserved Meter Space" permit while that meter is bagged. Any vehicle parked in a reserved meter space without the appropriate permit is subject to a fine and possibly being towed.

If a meter is found to be broken or displaying an error, the customer must promptly notify Parking Services. The meter will be promptly checked. If it is in need of repair it will be fixed. If the meter is functioning properly, and the meter is expired, the vehicle will receive a citation for an expired meter.


Summer, Weekend, After Hour, Etc. Parking

Regardless of times listed, vehicles must be parked in a legal space! All Dark Green and Purple lots (excluding meters and restricted spaces) are open to those without a permit after 5 p.m. on Fridays and through 7 a.m. on Mondays. However, this does not include overnight parking. Due to lot maintenance and campus' activities, lots may need to be cleared and vehicles left unattended will be towed at the owner/driver's expense. Vehicles parking on campus more than 48 hours must have prior permission from parking services. This is strictly enforced. Please be aware there are no longer open parking areas during the summer months.


Permits & Permit Sharing

Your permit has been specifically issued to you. Do not share your permit with anyone. Students or visitors are not allowed to use faculty/staff permits. Sharing of permits could result in a $105 fine or revoked parking privileges, and student judicial referral.

For information regarding faculty/staff parking permits and fees, please refer to the Faculty/Staff Permit Page. 


Restricted Areas

Restricted areas require a permit issued by Parking Services corresponding with the lot signage. Vehicles that do not display the appropriate permit will be ticketed and/or towed.


Service Drives and Loading Zones

Loading zones are marked with signage and require a parking permit at all times. Parking Services may issue a temporary permit upon request. Vehicles parking in these areas without the appropriate permit will be ticketed and/or towed.



All University lots are monitored by Parking Services. Violators will be cited if found in violation. Any one vehicle can be ticketed every 15 minutes in a 15-minute space, every 30 minutes in a 30- minute space, every hour in a one-hour space, and every four hours in a regular space with no time restrictions. For ticketing regulations at a meter, please review the "Meters" section.


Visitor Parking

Visitors must display a valid parking permit when visiting campus. It is the responsibility of each department to work with Parking Services to obtain permits for their visitors prior to their arrival. Permits can be requested in advance by e-mailing at any time. Departmental visitors may also utilize the Baker University Center Garage for a fee.


Visitor Spaces

Faculty, staff, and students are not considered visitors to any campus location. Overtime parking in visitor spaces is closely monitored, therefore, vehicles that have been parked in a designated visitor space longer than the permitted time will be ticketed and/or towed. Vehicles can be ticketed every 30 minutes or every hour (depending on the time allotted for the space).