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Student Disability Regulations

General Information & Policy 

Any student with a temporary or permanent mobility impairment who has received a state-issued disability permit is eligible to obtain an Ohio University disability registration sticker. The University requires all students who wish to utilize disability or general parking with their state-issued disability permit to obtain an Ohio University disability registration sticker to affix to their state-issued placard. Please be aware that Ohio University Parking Services does not issue disability permits or stickers to those who do not have a state-issued disability permit.


CatCab is a service provided through the Transportation Services office. This for service for individuals with mobility limitations  access to areas where parking is not available or when a state-issued disability permit cannot be obtained.


Commuter Parking Fees

Commuter students that also have a disability parking permit may park within any of the valid areas listed below. State issued disability permits alone are not valid within these areas. A Ohio University commuter parking permit is required in addition to the disability permit. Commuter parking permits are $135 per year.


Residential Parking Fees

Students with a disability parking permit that live in a residence hall have the option to purchase parking within reserved areas such as student parking garages, the Red lots, and the Blue lot. State issued disability permits alone are not valid within these areas. A Ohio University permit specific to these areas is required in addition to the disability permit. Parking within these reserved areas is sold on a first come, first served basis and must be requested online. Once these areas are sold out, another option must be considered. Garage parking permits are $360 per year. Red and Blue lot parking permits are $250 per year.


Valid Areas

Once an Ohio University disability registration sticker has been obtained, state-issued disability permits displayed with an accompanying University permit are valid in the following areas:

 - Handicapped Spaces

 - Dark green, light green, yellow, orange, black, and grey faculty/staff lots

 - Purple commuter lots

 - Residential Student parking areas (with appropriate accompanying permit)


Invalid Areas

Disability permits are not valid within the following areas at any time:

 - Metered Spaces (all fees must be paid at a meter)

 - Restricted Spaces (IE: visitor, state vehicle, etc. Any space that requires a specific permit for that space)

 - Non-Parking areas such as curbs, roadways, grass, and areas not marked as parking areas

 - Residential Student Parking Garages (Boyd, James, Jefferson, Ryors, and Sargent Garages)*

 - Red and Blue Lots*

*without appropriate accompanying permit


Registration of a Disability Parking Permit

Customers with a disability must apply to receive an Ohio University validation sticker. To apply, you must bring the following items to Parking Services:


 - Your state-issued disability parking permit (copies will not be accepted)

 - Your disability permit registration form. This form resembles a vehicle registration form and should have been issued to you along with your state-issued permit. If you do not have one, you may obtain a copy from your local BMV office.

 - Photo ID


The purpose of this policy is to help identify where disability spaces are needed, regulate the use of these spaces to ensure they are available for those who need them, as well as to discourage abuse by people "borrowing" a state placard issued to another person.