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Biological Sciences

MARY CHAMBERLIN, Mitochondrial Function During Insect Programmed Cell Death (REU Supplement), National Science Foundation, $5,000;
ELLENGENE PETERSON, Biomechanics of Vertebrate Hair Cells, National Institute of Health, $427,027.

Mary Chamberlin
Mary Chamberlin
Raymond Tymas-Jones
Raymond Tymas-Jones
Stephen Howard
Stephen Howard
College of Fine Arts

RAYMOND TYMAS-JONES, Faculty and Student Exchange Project Chile and Argentina, Ohio Arts Council, $10,000.

Environmental and Plant Biology

GAR ROTHWELL, Megafossil Evidence for Ordovician-Silurian Terrestrial Biotas, National Science Foundation, $48,830;
KIM BROWN, Using DISTRIB/SHIFT Outputs to Implement OnET-II for Assessment of Forest Carbon Consequences of Potential Global-Change Driven Shifts in Tree Species Distribution, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Forest Service, $11,000; A Physiological, Anatomical and Phenological Assessment of Species' Contributions to Forest Carbon Gain -- A Synthesis Exercise with Applications of Climate and Forest Community Changes, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Women's International Science Collaboration Program, $4,000;
BRIAN MCCARTHY, Terrestrial Macro-Fungi of Deep Woods, Hocking County, Ohio, Ohio Biological Survey, $500; Fire Temperature and Weevil Population Dynamics in Mixed-Oak Forests, U.S. Department of Agriculture, $5,000;
DAVID BAYLESS, GREG KREMER and MORGAN VIS with BEN STUART (Ohio Coal Research Center), Enhanced Practical Photosynthetic CO2 Mitigation, U.S. Department of Energy, $76,472;
HARVEY BALLARD, Integrating Studies of Floral Development, Traditional and Molecular Systematics and Floristics in the Violet Family-Yr 1 REU Supplement, National Science Foundation, $13,485;
GAR ROTHWELL, Structure and Systematics of the Earliest Terrestrial Ground Cover, National Science Foundation, $11,630.

Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development

ROBIN RAMEY, COAD Wage and Benefit Project, Corporation For Ohio Appalachian Development, $2,379; Strategic Plan for Community Action of Delaware- Madison-Union Counties (CA of DMU), Community Action of Delaware-Madison-Union-Counties, Inc. (CA of DMU), $2,455;
MARGARET HUTZEL, Warren County Oral Health Evaluation, Anthem Foundation of Ohio, $7,675;
CHRISTY HOWARD, Gallia County Health GIS, Gallia County Health Department, $4,260;
SCOTT MILLER, Monday Creek Restoration 319, Phase 4, Rural Action, $14,898.

Physics and Astronomy

JEAN HEREMANS, Mesoscopic spin-dependent transport in two-dimensional systems, National Science Foundation, $89,999;
SERGIO ULLOA, Center of Excellence in Computational Nanoscience, Ball State University, $237,132;
THOMAS STATLER, Cooling Disks in Elliptical Galaxies: The Role of Angular Momentum in the Hot ISM-Supplement, $32,686.


BENJAMIN OGLES, Demographic and Clinical Factors Associated with Parent-Child Discrepancy from Multiple Statistical Perspectives, Ohio Department of Mental Health, $1,045;
CHRISTOPHER FRANCE, Hypertension, Risk for Hypertension and Hypoalgesia, National Institutes of Health.

College of Communication

KATHY KRENDL, Launching an Appalachia Reads Center, Appalachian Regional Commission, $100,000.

Recreation and Sports Sciences

ROGER GILDERS, A Multidisciplinary Intervention Program for Diabetic Elderly Population in Appalachia, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Electrical Engineering

DOUGLAS LAWRENCE, Operation of the IEEE Control System Society Conference Editorial Board at Ohio University, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, $50,000.

Biomedical Science

NANCY STEVENS, Vertebrate Paleontology in the Etjo Formation, Northwestern Namibia, American Association for the Advancement of Science - Women's International Science Collaboration Program, $4,969.

Regional Higher Education -- Ohio University Chillicothe Campus

DEBORAH ZURMEHLY, Reggio Emilia Study Group, Ohio Department of Education, $1,000.

Regional Higher Education -- Ohio University Eastern Campus

PAULA MCMURRAY-SCHWARTZ and SUSAN BEISEL, National Board Teacher Recruitment, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, $15,000.

Regional Higher Education -- Ohio University Lancaster Campus

JENNIFER LARUE, The Little Angels, The Heartland Arts Fund, $750; Tartuffe, Fairfield County Foundation, $3,500.

Regional Higher Education -- Ohio University Southern Campus

ROBERT CULP, Addis Mine Acid Drainage Project, USDA, $20,000;
RON REED, National Youth Sports Program, $50,000.

Regional Higher Education

STEPHEN FLAHERTY, TOPS in Job and Family Services, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, $780,354.

Social Medicine

NORMAN GEVITZ, Origins of American Medicine: New England, 1620-1723, National Institute of Health - National Library of Medicine, $70,425.

Voinovich Center

JEFF DOOSE, New Markets Operational Assistance - Q5, Adena Ventures, $83,156;
SHARON WILLIAMS, Procurement Technical Assistance Center 2004, U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, $26,260.

Center for International Studies

W. STEPHEN HOWARD, Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) 2003-2004, U.S. Department of Education, $262,000.

Sociology and Anthropology

EUGENE AMMARELL, Fulbright Hays -- Faculty Research Abroad, U.S. Department of Education, $40,500.

School of Telecommunications

SANDRA SLGEIGHT-BRENNAN, ARC Regional Teaching Initiative, East Tennessee State University, $854.


JAMES LEIN, Implementing the America View, U.S. Geological Survey, $120,825.

Avionics Engineering

JAMES RANKIN, Preliminary Flight Check for Runway 23, Souther Field, Americus, Georgia, Thales, ATM, Inc., $11,028; Contract DTFA01-01-C-00071, Federal Aviation Administration, $200,000; Contract DTFA01-01-C-00071, Federal Aviation Administration, $114,000; Contract DTFA01-01-C-00071, Federal Aviation Administration, $425,000; James Ville, WI -- ILS Precommissioning Flight Check, Thales ATM, $14,441; Meridian, MS, PAR Anomaly Investigation, Trandes Corporation, $10,110; Engineering Tests at Charlottesville, VA, Delta Airport Consultants, $18,817; Modeling Analysis of the Precision Approach Radar at the NAS, Meridian, MS, Traes Corporation, $9,978; Analysis of Potential Interference Source to ILS Guidance Signal, Reno NV, $12,982; Local Area Augmentation System, $1,390,000 (operating) $110,000 (subcontracts).

Campus and Community Resources

TONY FOREMAN, Kids on Campus Workforce Development Program, Athens County Department of Job and Family Services, $5,000.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

GREG VAN PATTEN, Center of Excellence in Computational Nanoscience, Ball State University, $237,132.

Recreation Sports Sciences

MING LI, 2003 National Youth Sports Program at Ohio University, National Youth Sports Program Fund, $50,000.

Teacher Education

STEPHEN SAFRAN, SIG Education, University of Cincinnati, $14,000.

Edison Biotechnology Institute

DAVID WRIGHT and LEONARD KOHN, TAF 1 Match DHI, Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc., $80,000.

Family Medicine


Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

LONNIE WELCH, CHANG LIU and DAVID JUEDES, Distributed Scheduling Aspects for Time Critical Targeting, Washington University, $154,642.

Geological Sciences

GREGORY SPRINGER, Collaborative Research: Anabranching Channels in Jointed Bedrock: An Integrated Flume and Field Study, National Science Foundation, $102,173.

Chemical Engineering

DOUGLAS GOETZ, Targeting anti-Inflammatory Agents to Sites of Pathological Inflammation via Biodegradable Particles, Whitaker Foundation, $72,910; Isolated PSGL-1 and MAC-1 Adhesion to Endothelium, National Institutes of Health, $145,000.

Ohio Program of Intensive English

CHARLES MICKELSON, Summer Institute for English Language Educators from South Africa 2003, U.S. Department of State, $164,811.

Health Sciences

KEVIN CRIST, Evaluation of the Emission, Transport and Deposition o Mercury, Arsenic and Associated Fine Particulate Matter from Coal Based Power Plants in the Ohio River Valley, U.S. Department of Energy.

Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment

HELMUT ZWAHLEN, Improved Work Zone Design, $114,396.

Upward Bound College Prep Academy

MICHELE SMITH, Upward Bound Program, $330,343.

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