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Professional Activity Announcements

Here's a look at recent accomplishments of Ohio University faculty and staff.

Kim Six
Kim Six

Lena Wright Myers
Lena Wright Myers

Smuel Crowl
Sam Crowl


GAR W. ROTHWELL, environmental and plant biology, received the Michael Cichan Award in recognition of the best publication in the last year on a topic that bridges the boundary between plant structure and plant evolution.

KIM SIX, university advancement, was honored at the Classified Senate's September meeting as Ohio University's Classified Employee of the Month for July 2002. This monthly award is made based on nominations submitted by members of the University community for any classified employee who is setting standards for excellence and innovation by promoting unity, community, continuity and visibility. Award winners show outstanding individual achievement, contribution, innovation and performance of their jobs.

LENA WRIGHT MYERS, sociology and anthropology, was named to the Wall of Tolerance in recognition of her scholarly contributions to making a more tolerant and just nation at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala. in June 2002.

SAMUEL CROWL, English, wrote "Communicating Shakespeare: An Interview with Kenneth Branagh" in Shakespeare Bulletin, Vol. 20, 2002.

MARY DILLON, MARK KRUMEL, STACEY RILEY PUGH, TRACY CORRIGAN and BRIAN STEMEN, communications and marketing, co-wrote "The Magic 8 Ball Direct Mail Campaign for Undergraduate Admissions" in The Creativity Annual, Vol. 32, 2003.

DAMIAN NANCE, geological sciences, JON MALONE, graduate student, and Duncan Keppieo of UNAM, Mexico City and Jarda Dostal of St. Mary's University, Nova Scotia, co-wrote "Deformational History of Part of the Acatlan Complex: Late Ordovician -- Early Silurian and Early Permian Orogenesis in Southern Mexico" in the Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Vol. 15, 2002. NANCE, Brendan Murphy of St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, and Duncan Keppie of UNAM, Mexico City, co-wrote "A Cordilleran Model for the Evolution of Avalonia" in Tectonophysics, Vol. 352, 2002. NANCE, Murphy, and Keppie also co-wrote "Discussion and Reply: West African Proximity of the Avalon Terrane in the Latest Precambrian" in Geological Society of America Bulletin, Vol. 114, 2002.

TED R. COMPTON, College of Business, wrote "Minimizing Waste with RAD" in Strategic Finance Journal, Vol. 84, 2002 and also wrote "Can Your Company Survive a Sept. 11-Like Incident?" in The Ohio CPA Journal, Vol. 61, 2002.

DOUGLAS K. ADIE, economics, wrote "In Search of America's Great Awakening" in the Journal of Interdisciplinary, Vol. 14, 2002.

GAR W. ROTHWELL, environmental and plant biology, and Ruth A. Stockey of the University of Alberta, co-wrote "Anatomically Preserved Cycadeoidea (Cycadeoidaceae), with a Reevaluation of Systematic Characters for the Seed Cones of Bennettitales" in the American Journal of Botany, Vol. 89, 2002.

M.L. VIS, environmental and plant biology, and M.M. HALL, alumna, co-wrote "Genetic Variation in Batrachospermum Helminthosum (Rhodophyta) Among and Within Stream Reaches Using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) Molecular Markers" in Phycological Research, Vol. 50, 2002. VIS, environmental and plant biology, and D.A. CASAMATTA and R.G. VERB, alumni, and J.R. Beaver co-wrote "An Investigation of the Cryptobiotic Community from Sandstone Cliffs in Southeast Ohio" in International Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol. 163, 2002.


VALORIE A. WORTHY, English, wrote and presented "Still Singing After 3000 Years: Orpheus and the Orphic Tradition: His Psychological Impact" at the IPSA 19th International Conference on Literature and Psychology in Arezzo, Italy in June 2002.

GENE MAPES and GAR W. ROTHWELL, co-wrote and presented "Floristic Provincialism in Ancestral Paleozoic Conifers" at the International Paleontological Congress in Sydney, Australia in July 2002. ROTHWELL, MARY LOUISE TRIVETT, environmental and plant biology, and Ruth A. Stockey of the University of Alberta, co-wrote and presented "A Permineralized Schizaeaceous Fern From the Late Eocene of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada" at the annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America in Madison, Wis. in August 2002.

DAWN BIKOWSKI and MARY KAYE JORDAN, OPIE, presented "A Case for Developing Graduate Writing Tests" at the International TESOL Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Several members of the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology presented papers at the annual meeting of the Phycological Society of America in Madison, Wis. in August 2002. M.L. VIS, D.A. CASAMATTA, alumna, and R.G. Sheath of California State University at San Marcos, co-wrote and presented "Phormidium Retzii (Oscillatoriales): Genotypic Variation and Phenotypic Plasticity." VIS, N.R. FILKIN, graduate student, and A.R. Sherwood of the University of Hawaii, co-wrote and presented "Macroalgae of the Hawaiian Islands: 23 Additional Stream Segments." VIS, FILKIN, CASAMATTA, S.E. HAMSHER, graduate student, A.S. McCLINTIC, undergraduate student, W.B. CHIASSON, College of Arts and Sciences, and R.G. Verb of Ohio Northern University, co-wrote and presented "A New Method for Studying Nutrient Limitation of Periphyton: A Case Study from Acid Mine Drainage Streams." VIS, CHIASSON, and N.J. MACHESKY, undergraduate student, co-wrote and presented "Phylogeography of Batrachospermum Helminthosum (Rhodophyta) in North America."

DAMIAN NANCE, geological sciences, Brendan Murphy of St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, and Duncan Keppie of UNAM, Mexico City, co-wrote "Tracking Terranes in the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic: Example from Avalonian-Cadomian Belt," which Murphy presented at a meeting of the Joint Congress of Geological Societies of Germany in Wurzburg, Germany in October 2002. NANCE, Murphy, and Keppie also co-wrote "Cordilleran Model for the Evolution of Avalonia," which NANCE presented at the same meeting.

RICK SHRIVER, electronic media, wrote and presented "Media Control and Political Content in Malaysia" at the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs in Wittenberg University in September 2002.

LENA WRIGHT MYERS, sociology and anthropology, wrote and presented "About a Broken Silence: Voices of African American Women in the Academy" at a special session for the Association of Black Sociologists/ASA in Chicago, Ill. in August 2002.
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