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Alden Library

JULIA ZIMMERMAN, Library Annex Operating FY 03, Ohio Board of Regents, $223,351.

Avionics Engineering Center

MICHAEL BRAASCH, Inertial Navigation - GPS/DGPS Studies, Honeywell Technology Center, $40,000; L1-Band Receivers: Design, Simulation and Implementation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, $50,000; GPS Software Radio Support, Honeywell International, $20,000;

JAMES RANKIN, ASDE-X Flight Test Support, Trios Associates, $28,499; Flight Inspection of the Tales ATM Glide Slope APCU, Thales, ATM, $9,379; ILS Site Survey at Pohang, Korea, Thales, ATM Inc., $9,997; VOR Study for Mason City, Iowa, Interstate Power and Light Company, $20,100;

DAVID MATOLAK, Airborne Internet: Alternate Spectrum Feasibility Study, NASA Glenn Research Center, $69,903.

Allan Showalter
Allan Showalter

Charlotte Elster
Charlotte Elster

Mark Brewer
Mark Brewer

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ROBERT JUDD, DALE MASEL, JAY GUNASEKERA and BHAVIN MEHTA, COMPEAT$TMCost Model Development Maintenance, General Electric Aircraft Engines, $250,000;

JOSEPH E. ESSMAN, JETS/TEAMS Competition 2002-2003, Junior Engineering Technical Society, Inc., $40,000.

Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development

RUSSELL RICE, Raccoon Creek Middle Basin AMDAT, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, $49,497;

JEFF DOOSE, Appalachian Ohio Web Portal Project, Ohio Department of Development - GOA, $154,000; New Markets Operational Assistance, Adena Ventures, LP, $51,406;

SARA BOYD, Hocking Co. Comprehensive Land Use Plan Assistance, Hocking County Commissioners, $23,095;

MARGARET HUTZEL, Oral Health Access and Coordination Evaluation, Osteopathic Heritage Foundation, $10,276; BRIDGES Evaluation, Yr. 2, Belmont County Community Action Commission, $10,000; Belmont Even Start Evaluation, Yr. 8, Belmont County Community Action Commission, $4,000; Lancaster Even Start Evaluation, Yr. 2, Lancaster City Schools, $8,000;

BARRY OCHES, Athens Municipal Drug Court Evaluation, Athens, Hocking Vinton Counties TASC (Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime), $7,091; Tobacco Use Grant Evaluation, Athens County Health Department, $15,200; Vinton County Juvenile Drug Court Evaluation, Vinton County Juvenile Drug Court, $14,400;

LESLI JOHNSON, Washington Co. Wellness Evaluation, Yr. 2, Washington County Family and Children First Council, $3,500; Partnership for Success Technical Assistance, Ross County, Ross County Department of Job and Family Services, $21,750;

JERRY B. HOY, Duck Creek Watershed GIS, Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District, 4,200; Athens County GIS Phase 5 (supplement #3), Athens County Engineers Office, $32,300;

RACHAEL HOY, Robinson Run and Black Fork AMDAT Planning, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, $21,355;

ROBIN RAMEY, Lima-Allen CCA Management Staff Training, Lima-Allen Council on Community Affairs, $1,600;

SCOTT MILLER, Comprehensive Management Plan for Lower Muskingum River, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, $100,000.

Center for Intelligent, Distributed and Dependable Systems

LONNIE WELCH, Open Architecture Computing Environment Technical Architecture IPTs (OACE), US Navy Naval Sea Systems Command, $40,000.

Central Region Humanities Center

JOSEPH SLADE and JUDITH YAROSS LEE, Central Region Humanities Center at Ohio University, National Endowment for the Humanities, $100,000.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

PETER HARRINGTON, Pattern Recognition Scripts in MATLAB for Jet Fuel Profiling, Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc. (ISSI), $9,999;

GARY SMALL, Noninvasive Spectroscopic Sensors for Glucose and Urea, University of Iowa, $84,921;

MARCIA KIELISZEWSKI, Molecular Interactions and Functions of LeAGP-1, a Modular Plasma Membrane AGP, National Science Foundation, $120,000.

Environmental and Plant Biology

ALLAN SHOWALTER, Molecular Interactions and Functions of LeAGP-1, a Modular Plasma Membrane AGP, National Science Foundation, $120,000;

SARAH WYATT, Molecular Cloning and Characterization of the gps Mutants of Arabidopsis, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, $159,361.

College of Communication

KATHY KRENDL, American Cancer Society Task Force Awareness Campaign, American Cancer Society Ohio Division, $30,000.

Counseling and Higher Education

VALERIE CONLEY, Retirement and Separation Plans of Instructional Faculty and Staff, Westat, Inc., $29,169.

Center for Advanced Software Systems Integration

ROBERT JUDD, DAVID KOONCE and THOMAS KEYSER, Federated Intelligent Production Environment, Ohio Aerospace Institute, $251,794.

Family Medicine

DONALD SPAETH, Partners in Technology to Improve Patient Safety, Ohio Medical Quality Foundation, $74,458.

School of Health Sciences

KEVIN CRIST, Pittsburgh Atmospheric Particulate Matter Supersite Program, Carnegie Mellon University, $13,216.

College of Health and Human Services

TONY FOREMAN, Summer Intermediate Academy, Ohio Department of Education, $27,495.

Center for International Studies

STEPHEN HOWARD, Building Capacity for Research on Children's Issues in Northern Nigeria, Association Liaison Office, $99,531;

MICHAEL MALLEY and ELIZABETH COLLINS, Strengthening Civic Education in Indonesia, Association Liaison Office, $97,105.

School of Interpersonal Communication

ARVIND SINGHAL, The Impact of Health Related Content in American TV Soap Operas Broadcast in India, Population Communications International, $49,491;

GREG SHEPHERD, Bangkok University Contract, Bangkok University, $76,694.

College of Osteopathic Medicine

JOHN A. BROSE, Government Relations Liaison Agreement, Ohio Osteopathic Association, $50,375;

CARL DENBOW, Family Health Radio Show, Brentwood Foundation, $35,000;

KATHLEEN TRACE, Child and Family Health Services, Ohio Department of Health, $80,783.

Ohio Program of Intensive English

CHARLES P. MICKELSON, FGV 4-week Fall Study Program 2003 (Participant Costs), Fundacao Getulio Vargas, $2,397; FGV 4-week Fall Study Program 2003 (Operational), Fundacao Getulio Vargas, $18,494.

Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment

HELMUT T. ZWAHLEN, Field Evaluation of Unlighted Overhead Guide Signs Using Older Drivers, Ohio Department of Transportation, $86,619;

SHAD M. SARGAND, International Conference on Highway Pavement Data, Analysis and Mechanistic Design Applications, Ohio Department of Transportation, $77,257.

Physics and Astronomy/Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics

CHARLOTTE ELSTER, LOUIS E. WRIGHT and DANIEL PHILLIPS, Hadronic and Electromagnetic Reactions as Probes of Nuclear Dynamics (Participant Costs), U.S. Department of Energy, $2,375; Hadronic and Electromagnetic Reactions as Probes of Nuclear Dynamics (ON CAMPUS), U.S. Department of Energy, $139,921; Hadronic and Electromagnetic Reactions as Probes of Nuclear Dynamics (OFF CAMPUS), U.S. Department of Energy, $27,704.

Teacher Education

AL COTE and RALPH MARTIN, ARSI (Participant Costs), Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, $10,000; ARSI, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, $81,807;

JAMES SCHULTZ and CRAIG HOWLEY, Appalachian Collaborative Center for Learning, Assessment and Instruction in Mathematics (ACCLAIM), University of Tennessee, $457,527.

School of Telecommunications

SANDRA SLEIGHT-BRENNAN, ARC Regional Teaching Initiative, East Tennessee State University, $3,000.

Telecommunications Center

MARK BREWER, Hometown, Ohio, Ohio SchoolNet, $37,153;

BREWER and CARYN BAILEY, The Ohio Company: Opening the Door West, The Ohio Bicentennial Commission, $20,000.

Voinovich Center

MARK WEINBERG, Appalachian New Economy Partnership, Ohio Board of Regents, $1,410,000.

Ohio University-Chillicothe Campus

JAMES LAMBERT, Community Collaborative Planning Grant: Early Childhood Resource/Wellness Center, United Way Ross County, $15,000.

Ohio University-Lancaster Campus

JOHN W. FURLOW, Tech Prep FY 03 State Performance, Columbus State Community College, $62,210; Tech Prep FY 03 Federal Base Funding, Columbus State Community College, $112,338.

Ohio University-Southern Campus

JAMES CRAWFORD, Web Boot Camp, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, $49,400;

CAROL ALLEN, Together We Can: Make College A Reality, Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education, $77,403.

School of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences

STEVE XUE, Gender Differences in Senile Changes of Human Vocal Tract,National Institutes of Health, $72,500.

Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology

SRDJAN NESIC, Corrosion Center/Oil and Gas - Yr 4, Petrobras, $25,000.

School of Nursing

KATHLEEN TENNANT, Education and Aging Service: A Collaborative Approach, Ohio Campus Compact, $3,000.
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