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Monday, December 17, 2007
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Everyone was a winner in West 82 gingerbread contest: participants

Dec. 17, 2007

The good-natured jabs of feisty contestants could be heard throughout Baker University Center's West 82 food court Thursday as 28 teams competed. Their goal: build the most elaborate, colorful, awe-inspiring gingerbread house possible in the time allotted -- and build a little office camaraderie, too. Here is a complete list of the registered participants and their prizes:

People's Choice Award – Team 20 (Human Resources) (seven pizzas)

Jenny Jordan
Kim Kantner
Kimberly Strode
Krista Antle
Susan Sheppard
Carlotta Hensler

Best of Show – Team 10 (Admissions) (seven pizzas)

Jill Estep
Alisha Thacker
Lila Thacker
Jennifer Dillie
Lisa Lavelle

First Place – Team 5 (Educational Studies) (seven pizzas)

Marlene Swartz
Jenny Beitzel
Janet Merwin
Heather Brown
Adam Kirkendall
Cat Glafcock

Second Place – Team 27 (Physics and Astronomy) (six pizzas)

Ruth Webb-Duffy
Tracy Inman
Julie Goettge
Ennice Sweigart
Michael R.
Chris Sandford

Third Place – Team 4 (Academic Technologies) (five pizzas)

Jewell Barlow
Sarah Rist
Brett McAllister
Michelle Crafond
Chrystal Lipford
E-Ling Hsiao

Fourth Place – Team 2 (Environmental Studies) (four pizzas)

Loraine McCosker
Greg Seymour
Ali Sinclair

Fifth Place – Team 22 (Linguistics graduate students) (three pizzas)

Mike Dombroski
Stephanie Buechele
Mari Iwai
Ngan Nguyen
Holly DeLong

The remaining teams will receive two pizzas per team:

Team 1 – Scripps College of Communication

Sharon Romina
Erin Roberts
Jana Hovland
Holly Jacobs

Team 3 – Voinovich School

Sara Boyd
Holly Raffle
Konstantinora Irine
Nicole Yandell

Team 6 – International Studies

Acacia Nikoi
Karla Schneider
Ismail Elmahdi

Team 7 – Office of Sustainability

Sonia Marcus
Nathan Jud
Sarah DeWitt
Leah Graham

Team 8 – Office of Education Abroad

Phyllis Moody
Catherine Marshall
Lori Lammert
David Dostine
Lola Reardon
Lorinda Collins

Team 9 – Admissions

Jill Okey
Angela Lukezic
Rob Drapchho

Team 12 – The Front Room

Monica Renner
Kate Hamill
Jenn Williams
Justine Salabak

Team 14 – RL & OCL Rockets

Judy Piercy
Jen Maskiell
Barb Harrison
Stephan Oechsle
N. Oulezando

Team 15 – RL & OCL Gingerbread ???

Wendy Rogers
Phyllis Underwood

Team 16 – Rekab Center

Ga-Jen Lin
Ashley Ranck

Team 18 – University College

Wendy Merb-Brown
E. Warren
Dale Tampke
Amy Six

Team 19 – University College

Jenny Klein
Greg Oberlin
Tanya Barkett
Char Rae

Team 21 – Sister Act

Ann Mundy
Betsy Keyes

Team 23 – School of Theater

Barb Fiocchi
Maureen Wagoner

Team 26 – Maher Family

Linda Maher
Marilyn Maher

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Published: Dec 17, 2007 1:36:11 PM
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