Relocating to Athens Campus

The next Relocate Day is March 20, 2015

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Preparing for Relocate Day

This page will help you decide if you are eligible to attend Relocate Day, how to register to attend, and what you can expect to learn at Relocate Day. Please call us at 740.593.1951 with any questions.


There are no fees to attend Relocate Day.

Who Can Attend Relocate Day?

Ohio University undergraduate students who attend a regional campus are eligible to register for Relocate Day. Students eligible to attend should register, as this allows the academic advisors to better prepare scheduling advise. However, students who do not register in advance of Relocate Day will still be permitted to attend as long as they check-in and attend the entire program. (Register Now)

Students Who Cannot Attend the Date Available

Students who cannot attend Relocate Day, should meet with their regional campus advisor and schedule for Athens campus classes during their regular advising time.

At Relocate Day

At Relocate Day, students will review academic requirements for their programs, or learn about their requirements if changing their major, as well as learn about life in Athens. Please remember your parking permit when you come to campus! For more information about parking, visit our Parking page.

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