Students in the following majors must take the chemistry placement prior to registering for a chemistry course. Students will have the opportunity to take the chemistry placement at orientation (see orientation schedule). The Chemistry Department also offers the chemistry placement throughout the academic year and students may find more information by contacting the Chemistry Department at 136 Clippinger Laboratories or calling 740.593.1737

Arts and Sciences:

•          Biological Sciences (B.S.)

•          Cellular and Molecular Biology (B.S.)

•          Marine, Freshwater, and Environmental Biology (B.S.)

•          Biological Sciences – Pre physical Therapy (B.S.)

•          Biological Sciences – Pre professional Program (B.S.)

•          Wildlife and Conservation Biology (B.S.)

•          Microbiology (B.S.)

•          ALL Chemistry Majors

•          Environmental and Plant Biology (B.S.)

•          Physics/Meteorology (B.S.)



•          Physical Science Major (B.S.Ed.)


Health Sciences and Professions:

•          Nutrition Major (B.S.F.N.S.)

•          Exercise Physiology (can take Chem 1210 but all advised to take Chem 1510)



•          ALL Chemical Engineering Majors

•          Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.)

•          Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.)

•          Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering Track (B.S.E.E.)

•          Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.)



Chemistry Course Progression Chart

This chart explains the appropriate sequence of chemistry courses to follow after taking the chemistry placement.