Placement Information

One of the most common questions new students have is about the placement tests. At Ohio University there are a few placement requirements of which you should be made aware.

  • A Math Placement is required to register for all math and chemistry classes, and can be taken prior to orientation.
  • Some students, based on their majors, must take the chemistry placement at orientation.
  • Students who want to take a foreign language can take a language placement test at orientation, or anytime during the academic year.
  • Students are automatically assigned an English placement, which permits enrollment in either fall semester or spring semester Tier I English.
  • Students with external credit can transfer their credit to Ohio University by submitting an official transcript to the Admission's Office.

Placements are not exemptions. Each of the placement exams are designed to identify the course in which a student should begin. A placement does not exempt a student from a required course.