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Math Placement Information

New and incoming Athens campus students can take the Math Placement Exam online via your BlackBoard account, if you want to improve your current Math Placement. All Athens campus students have a Math Placement based on their math ACT/SAT score submitted to Admissions, or by classes transferred in from another institution. New students are NOT required to take the Math Placement.

If you would like to improve your Math Placement (by one level only), please log-on to BlackBoard,, and sign-in with your OHIO ID and password. The Math Placement Exam will be under the "My Organizations" tab. It is extremely important that the browser check is completed prior to attempting the placement and you must use Firefox as your internet browser. The placement may be taken twice. Please email Bobcat Student Orientation if you do not have access to the placement in BlackBoard.



  1. Information about Math Placement at Orientation
  2. How to take the Math Placement Exam at Home
  3. Information about the Blackboard Math Placement Exam


1. Information about Math Placement at Orientation

If you would like to improve your math placement by taking the math placement exam, please do so before you arrive at Orientation so you are prepared for your course registration. Instructions regarding how to take the Math Placement are included in the information below.

The University uses a student's ACT or SAT math score to determine the student's skill level for placement unless the Tier I quantitative skills requirement has been satisfied by transfer or Advanced Placement credit. Students without ACT, SAT scores, Advanced Placement, or a transferable math course must take an online Math Placement Exam. Students in some majors are required to take a Math Placement Exam regardless of transfer or Advanced Placement credit in order to meet requisite requirements. The choice of the course in which you should enroll (if any) depends on your major, University Catalog of Entry, and Math Placement. Please discuss all course selections with your academic advisor (see chart #1 below).



 Math Placement Chart semesters

Note about registering for science and math courses: Please be careful and check that both the lecture section of the science or math class is on the same campus as the lab section.

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2. How to take the Math Placement at home

If you are a new student or a current student who does not have a Math Placement or would like to improve your placement you may register to take the online math placement:

Log-on to Blackboard,, with your OHIO ID and password. The test will be located under your Organizations tab. If you do not see the test, please email your OHIO ID, name and current Math Placement level.


**Note for OPIE Students about the Math Placement

Students are permitted to take the Math Placement once they have been approved to take part-time academic coursework, meaning they have earned a score of 500 or better on the TOEFL test. The Math Placement consists primarily of word problems, so if students' English is not strong enough to understand the word problems, they will not do well on the test.

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3. Information about BlackBoard Math Placement

Math Placement on Blackboard:
This test will be offered online via your blackboard account at  Please log in with your OHIO ID and password and your test will be listed under the "Organizations" section. 

Technology Information:
To take the test, please click on the test name.  Once you have completed the test, our office will take care of updating your score if necessary. If you experience any technical issues, please call Blackboard Support at 740.593.1222.

Math Placement Test Instructions:
You must complete the test in one setting, and you will have 45 minutes to finish. It is to your benefit to select a response for each question; there is no penalty for guessing. This test was written so that a calculator, while permitted, will not provide any advantage; so you do not need a calculator to take this test.
Click on Placement Test to your left for instructions to begin the test.
If your browser asks you to run the Blackboard equation application, make sure to "allow" it. Otherwise you won't be able to see the questions.

To move up in placement you will use the following guidelines:
·PL1: There are 16 questions.You will need 10 correct answers to move from DV to PL1.
PL2: There are 16 questions.You will need 12 correct answers to move from PL1 to PL2.
PL3: There are 16 questions.You will need 12 correct answers to move from PL2 to PL3.
If your Math Placement Level is Not Determined:

0-5 correct answers is a DV Placement
6-12 correct answers is a PL1
13-18 correct answers is a PL2
18-24 correct answers is a PL3

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Please contact:

Department of Mathematics
Morton Hall 321