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If I have questions, whom should I call?

  • Bobcat Student Orientation is open between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Please call 740.593.1951 or email questions to: orientation@ohio.edu.

What should I do if I have taken AP exams?

  • Have your AP scores sent directly to Ohio University. The Office of Admissions only accepts scores submitted by the CollegeBoard and any any credit you are eligible for will be loaded to your university record before Orientation. We recommend that you bring a copy of your AP scores to Athens when you come for Orientation in the unlikely event the credit is not yet reflected on your Ohio University record.

What should I do if I've taken courses at another university?

  • Have an official transcript sent directly to the Office of Admissions, Chubb Hall 120, Athens, OH 45701 as soon as possible. Transcripts received after June 15 may not be fully evaluated before summer Orientation since, in many instances, course content must be reviewed by appropriate college offices before the course appears on your final Ohio University record. We would also suggest that you bring an unofficial copy of your most current transcript with you to Orientation to be used as a discussion point in the event that your transcript has not been fully processed. If you would like to check if your transcript has been received, please call the Office of Admissions at 740.593.4100.

Where can I get health care questions answered?

Do parents and families attend the same sessions as students?

  • Parents and families have a separate Orientation experience from students. Student sessions are designed for the student to develop essential academic autonomy and an opportunity to meet future classmates. Our program’s sessions are designed to meet each group’s needs in this transitional experience. 

Will parents and families be able to help their student schedule?

  • Students will be assisted by an academic advisor and orientation leader throughout the registration process. Parents will be in a separate session during this time. The academic advisor is happy to answer any questions the parent may have after the student has registered. We appreciate your support in providing students the opportunity to make their own academic decisions.

What if I do not have a laptop?

  • Registration for classes will go more smoothly if you bring a laptop or tablet. If you do not own a laptop or tablet, and cannot borrow one, technology will be provided on a limited basis. Bringing your own technology will enable you to expedite your registration experience as all course information and registration is online.

What if I have never taken a foreign language before?

  • If you have never taken a foreign language before, you do not need to worry about taking a placement test. Your Orientation Leader will provide you with a list of possible languages offered at Ohio University, and also assist you in explaining how many semesters of a foreign language you will be required at a college level for your specific major.

What if I have taken a foreign language in high school and do not want to continue in that language?

  • Students are encouraged to make their own academic decisions and choose a language that interests them to fill the requirement. If there is any possibility you have received enough background in a language at the high school level, you are still encouraged to take the placement test. This test will not inhibit you from taking a different language. The test is designed to allow students to “test out” of a language if they place into a higher level. For example, if a student has taken 4 years of Spanish in high school, they are more likely to test out.

Other Information

Will I be able to see my residence hall room?

  • You will have the opportunity to see a typical room similar to the one assigned to you during the second morning of your Orientation session. Information on which residence halls are open will be available from Orientation Leaders, and at Bobcat Basics. Three mock rooms, single, double and triple, will be available for viewing in Sargent Hall on second day from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. You may also visit www.ohio.edu/housing regarding residence hall room floor plans and a list of furnishings.

Will representatives be available from local banks so that we may set up accounts?

  • Yes, at Baker University Center.

Are linens provided in the residence halls during Orientation?

  • Yes, towels, sheets, and pillows are provided for you during Orientation if you stay overnight in the residence halls.