Commissions: Student Activities Commission
What is SAC?

 SAC is the subdivision of Senate responsible for accepting funding requests, evaluating funding requests, and allocating funds for programs & events from the Student General Fund to registered student organizations at Ohio University.  

* Student organizations must be registered as student organizations for two quarters to be eligible for SAC funding.


How does SAC operate?

SAC operates under a quarterly funding system for fall, winter and spring quarters. Each quarter SAC processes applications for programs “SAC Pacs” to be held by student organizations the following quarter. Funding decisions will be left to the discretion of the SAC General Assembly.

What does my student organization have to do to get funding?

The six mandatory steps to get SAC funding. The first step is to pick up a SAC Pac. The SAC Pac is available here, and can be picked up in the SAC office. The second step is to attend a SAC workshop. These workshops are an information session that will help student organizations learn how to better fill out their SAC Pacs. Workshop attendance is required for getting funding. After you complete your SAC Pac, sign-up for an interview and audit session. These are meetings with SAC members to evaluate your program(s), and make sure you have spent SAC funds wisely in the past. Sign-up sheets are available in the SAC office. While you are there, you can complete the next step, which is to turn in your SAC Pac. Make sure you remember the time of your interview and audit session, because the next step is to attend your interview and audit. The last step is to receive SAC's funding decision. The funding decision is made by the SAC General Body, and will be e-mailed to student organizations.

What are SAC Pacs?

The SAC Pac is the funding application that student organizations who want to apply for funding must fill out and turn in to SAC. The SAC Pac also includes all applicable funding rules and procedures for Ohio University student organizations.

How does SAC decide the funding?

SAC uses a priority system for the purpose of strategically allocating funds to student organizations. This method allows SAC to fairly allocate funding for programs and activities that will have the most benefit for the university community.

Priority 1, which is the highest funding level: Must meet the following criteria:

            - any program where two or more student organizations collaboration on the program

     -  The program utilizes at least two of the following components: educational, social, cultural

            - the program is available to and benefits the entire university community

Priority 2, which is the middle funding level: Must meet the following criteria:

            - the program is available to and benefits the entire university community

- the program utilizes at least one of the following components: educational, late-night social (program cannot end earlier than midnight to be considered late-night), cultural

Priority 3, which gets no funding: Must meet the following criteria:

-          any program planned and implemented by an organization that only benefits the members of that organization (this includes invitation only events)

-          the program is solely social and does not qualify as a late-night program


 What items are fundable?



General Materials







What is not fundable?


Conference Participation

Food/Beverage ( unless cultural)


Political Campaigns

Academic Credit


Transportation (for student org members)

Religious Activities


Equipment (with provisions)

Priority 3


How can I contact the SAC office if I have questions?

The address for the SAC office, including our phone number, is listed below. Feel free to come see us!

Student Activities Commission
305-B Baker University Center
Athens, OH 45701
Tel: (740) 593-4067

Student Senate
305 Baker University Center • 740.593.4050

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