Commissions: University Life

This Commission addresses issues that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other commissions, including, but not limited to, health services, Inter Collegiate Athletic issues, environmental concerns, alcohol-related issues, Greek community issues, technology issues, and other issues affecting the general university community.

We have a lot of great ideas  for things we would like to accomplish this year. Getting more recycling bins in classrooms, putting reminders about turning off the lights in classrooms, and helping shut down the power plant in Athens are some of the environmental concerns we would like to address this year. Our greek senator is working on continuing Greeks Going Green, better communication between the university and greek organizations, creating a main greek website, and collaborating with the LBGT commission to put on programs about diversity awareness. University Life is helping implement a smoking policy for the whole campus, researching the possibilities of having a recovery house on campus and a generation RX class.

Student Senate
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