Member Organizations

  1. African Students Union (ASU)
  2. Arabic Language Student Association (ALSA)
  3. Association for Cultural Exchange (ACE)
  4. Association of Nigerians (AON)
  5. Chinese and American Business Organization (CABO)
  6. Chinese Student & Scholar Association (CSSA)
  7. Cultural Italian-American Organization (CIAO)*
  8. Indian Student Association (ISA)
  9. Indonesian Student Association (PERMIAS)
  11. International Business Society (IBS)*
  12. International Culture Community (ICC)*
  13. Japanese Connection (JCON)*
  14. Japanese Student Association (JSA)
  15. Korean Student Association (KSA)
  16. Latino Student Union (LSU)
  17. Muslim Students Association (MSA)
  18. Ohio University Student Senate (OUSS)
  19. ONE at Ohio University (ONE)
  20. Organization for Latin America (OLA)
  21. Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE) *
  22. OU Fulbright Scholar Association (OUFSA)
  23. OU Communication & Development Association(COMMDEV)*
  25. OU Omani Student Association
  26. Project Nur (PN)
  27. South East Asian Student Association (SEASA)
  28. STAND Against Genocide
  29. Students for justice in palestine (SJP)
  30. Taiwanese Student Association (TWSA)
  31. Thai Student Association
  32. Turkish Student Association (TSA)

Featured Event

Arabic Language Student Association
The Arabic Language Student Association (ALSA) is a student group focused on Arab language and culture. We are able to provide assistance to Arabic language students and other students interested in Arab language and culture. Members learn about Arab culture and history, practice their language skills with native speakers at Arabic conversation hours, and help organize and participate in ALSA’s annual ‘Arabian Night,’ an event devoted to Arab culture, food, music, and more.