About the International Student Union

The International Student Union (ISU) functions at Ohio University as the umbrella organization for 23 international organizations. ISU members come from all corners of the world, representing the collective educational, cultural, and developmental interests of over 100 countries.

ISU is committed to assisting international students to become part of the Ohio University and Athens communities. ISU serves to promote cultural understanding through activities aimed at expanding cultural awareness. Specifically, among other services, we: serve as consultants to international student organizations; promote a sense of community among international and American students at OU; develop activities to increase intercultural exchange and international awareness; and provide opportunities for OU students to explore their leadership potentials.


Latino & Hispanic Student Union is a student club, not only open to Latinos and Hispanics, but to ANYONE on campus who wishes to learn more about the culture through meetings, events, and community service. So come and join to have fun Latino-style!


Find out more at http://sarahsmiles87.wix.com/latinostudentunion#! and https://www.facebook.com/OUAIESEC