Who We Are


What is Chi Alpha?


Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is a group of college students committed to following Jesus.Chi Alpha is open to everybody and anybody.We are not a fraternity or a sorority.So why the Greek name?The Greek letters Chi (X) and Alpha (A) are the initials of a phrase written by the Apostle Paul that translates into ďChristís sent ones.ĒThe name Chi Alpha reminds us that Jesus has a purpose for us and that we should live to reflect him.


There are a few things that make Chi Alpha different from many other groups.One is that our focus is on transforming our world, not just being a productive part of it.Another is that we experience Godís supernatural involvement in our lives.We also recognize that faith is connected to thinking.Furthermore, we recognize that what we believe determines what we do.


Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is a part of Ohio Chi Alpha and is affiliated with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, a national organization with more than 200 chapters.Check the Chi Alpha Directory to find a chapter near you.Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is a ministry of the Assemblies of God.


What does Chi Alpha believe?


The Bible.The Bible is inspired by God.It is Godís revelation of himself to humanity.It is never wrong, and it is our guide for faith, belief, and life.


Humanity.Humanity was created by God in the image of God and was originally good.However, because of humanityís decision to disobey God, humanity became sinful and evil.This disobedience also brought to humanity physical and spiritual death and is the root cause of all suffering.Every person needs to be saved from this death.


God.There is only one true God, the God of the Bible.He has revealed himself to us as one entity consisting of three interrelated persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.He loves all people and works to do us good.


Jesus.Jesus Christ is God revealed as the Son.He is fully God.He came to earth about 2,000 years ago as a man and was born to a virgin.He lived a perfect life, was crucified, and was raised from the dead.Because Jesus died and was raised, he alone can save from sin and its consequences everyone who turns from sin, asks God to forgive their sin, and believes that he has the power to save.To find out more, email us.


Eternity.Every person has a spirit that will exist forever as a unique, individual entity.There are two possible ways to spend eternity.One way is with God and his rewards.We call this Heaven.Everyone who turns from sin and accepts Jesusí offer to save them before their physical death will spend eternity in Heaven.The other way is separated from God, receiving the punishment our sin deserves.We call this Hell.Everyone who does not turn from sin and accept Jesusí offer to save them prior to their physical death will spend eternity in Hell.


The Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is the third personal revelation of God.He is the companion of Jesusí followers.He is with Jesusí followers everywhere, teaching them truth and giving them wisdom, guidance, and courage.The Holy Spirit helps us every day to turn away from what is evil and sinful and toward the things of God.By doing this, we become more like Jesus daily.Every follower of Jesus can receive what is called the baptism in the Holy Spirit.This means that someone who is already following Jesus can get to know the Holy Spirit in a new, deeper, more powerful way.Those followers who receive this baptism get more power to live holy and do the things God considers productive.


The Supernatural.Because of Godís love for us, he reaches into our lives and our world and sometimes performs extraordinary and unexplainable things.Among these are healings that cannot be medically explained; provision of needs in ways that break the laws of the physical universe, logic, and probability; and special occurrences that prove he is God.


The Devil.The devil is a real entity.He is the enemy of God and all people.The devil was created by God as a good being, but he became evil when he decided that he was equal to God and could take Godís place.He is far less powerful than God, and in the end, God will put a stop to the devilís activity and punish him forever.The devil knows this will happen one day, and his goal is to take as many people with him as he possibly can.


What does Chi Alpha value?


Worship.We tell God how much he means to us.We do this not just with our emotions, but also with our will.


Prayer.We talk with God.We tell him whatís going on in our lives and we listen to what he has to say.


Fellowship.We share life with each other.We know each other and we value each other.We care about what is happening in each otherís lives.


Discipleship.We intentionally teach and learn from each other so that we can better do what Jesus would.


Mission.We deliberately live to make a difference in our world, including the people, places, and culture around us.


Community.We experience God together.We meet together to worship and to be encouraged.We understand what we do affects others.


Creativity.We look to discover, develop, and direct the creativity God has given us into actions and pursuits that will accomplish Godís purposes.


Diversity.We value the ways God has made each of us unique.We also celebrate the ways God has made us the same.


Excellence.Everything we do is done to the best of our abilities.This is the example Jesus gave us.


Integrity.We do what we say.We can be counted on to be honest and open.We can be counted on to do whatís right.


Servant Leadership.We donít consider leadership to be about power over others, but working to benefit others.





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