• Fall Quarter, 2002

    9.19.2002: First meeting: 6:00 P.M. in Lindley 050! Fall quarter events will be dicussed and there will be free pizza!

    9.26.2002: Kristina Gjorgjeva will speak on Macedonia.

    10.3.2002: Dr. Tatarek will speak on her Ohio Penitentiary research.

    10.10.2002: Study abroad options discussed.

    10.17.2002: Finalize plans on Mound City trip.

    10.19.2002: Trip to Mound City, time to be announced.

    10.24.2002: Possible fundraiser (ideas to be discussed at first meeting).

    10.31.2002: Volunteer (to be announced).

    11.7.2002: Dr. Abrams discussion on the field school results.

    11.14.2002: Potluck dinner at 15 S Shafer St, Apt 403. Sign up list will be passed around a couple weeks prior.

    Ideas for any other activities or programs are welcome

    More events forthcoming when schedule is finalized.

    All meetings will be held in Lindley 050 at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

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