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Residence Halls

Convo Completed
Bromley Completed
James Completed
Sargent Completed
Boyd Completed
Wilson West Completed
Lincoln Completed
Ryors Completed
Treudley Completed
Jefferson Completed
Gamertsfelder Completed
Washington Completed
Scott Completed
Brown Completed
Tiffin Completed
Shively Completed
Voigt Completed
Perkins Completed
Bryan Completed
Biddle Completed
Read Completed
Johnson Completed
Adams Completed
Crawford Completed
Pickering Completed
Mackinnon Completed
Hoover Completed
OBleness Completed
Dougan Completed
Martzolff Completed
Atkinson Completed
Armbruster Completed
Ewing Completed
Fenzel Completed
Weld Completed
Wray Completed
Cady Completed
Brough Completed
Foster Completed
Smith Completed
True Completed
Alden Completed
Baker Completed
CSC Completed
Stocker Completed
Cutler Completed
WUSOC Completed
Morton Completed
Grover Completed
Gordy Completed
Bentley Completed
Seigfred Completed
Ridges 21 Completed
Ridges 22 Completed
Peden Completed
Clippinger Completed
Porter Completed
Walter Completed
Copeland Completed
Ellis Completed
ARC Completed
McCracken Completed
Chubb Completed
Glidden Completed
Ping Completed
Bird/Aquatic Completed
Memorial Aud Completed
Scripps Completed
RTV Completed
RTech Completed
Bentley Annex Completed
Putnam Completed
Nelson Completed
Innovation Completed
Central Class Completed
Kantner Completed
Botanical Completed
Haning Completed
Hudson Completed
Lasher Completed
Wilson CG Completed
HR Completed
Mckee Completed
Club House Completed
15 Park Place Completed
Fac MGT Completed
Trisonlini Completed
Ridges 25 Completed
Corrosion Lab Completed
Courtyard Club Completed
Lower Grounds Completed
Beckley Completed
35 Park Place Completed
9 Factory St. Completed
Yamada Completed
Wren Stadium Completed
29 Park Completed
Accel Lab Completed
Visitors Center Completed
McGuffey Completed
Jennings Completed
Surface Science Completed
Ridges 1 Completed
Konneker Alum Completed
Sing Tao Completed
Transport Services Completed
Pruitt Field/Chessa Completed
Ridges 8 Completed
Central Foods Completed
Ridges 14 Completed
Ridges 20 Completed
Sculpter Lab Completed
Ridges 19 Completed
Ridges 23 Completed
Ridges 27 Completed
Crewson Completed
Storeroom Completed
29 Park Cottage Completed
Ridges 33/34 Completed
Ridges 10 Completed
Ridges Cottages Completed
Alden Annex Completed
Ridges 37 Completed
Ridges 5 Completed
Galbreath Completed
Old Laundry Completed
Ridges 7 Completed
Ping Cottage Completed
Tunnel Maint. Completed
AFSCME Office Completed
ACR Shop Completed
Heating Plant Completed
Heating Substation Completed
Ridges 13 Completed
Construction Shop Completed
Carpenter Shop Completed
Brown House Completed
Upper Grounds Completed




Remaining NextGen wired upgrade
Life Science Completed
Irvine Completed
Irvine Annex Completed
Grosvenor Completed
Parks Completed


Regional Campuses Wireless


Lancaster Completed
Pickerington Completed
Eastern   Completed
Zanesville Completed
Chillicothe Completed
Southern   Completed
Proctorville Completed



Schedule is subject to change