Ohio University is open; a transformer failure has temporarily closed the West Union Street Office Center.

OIT Tech Support can still be reached by calling 3-1222. More Information
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Access the new wireless

To access the NextGen wireless network:

  1. Connect to the "OHIO University" network (note the capitalization)
  2. Log in with your OHIO ID and password
    If you receive a security certificate warning, make sure it comes from
    securelogin.oit.ohio.edu, AddTrust External CA Root
    before you continue.

See below for more detailed, device-specific instructions. If your device is not listed, consult the operator's manual for your device or operating system to learn how to configure wireless networks. If you need further assistance contact us.

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Sponsored Guests

The NextGen wireless network is called "OHIO University" 

Follow the directions below to connect to "OHIO University":

If you are a sponsored guest, and you have yet to change your temporary password, please do so before trying to access the NextGen wireless network.

New Sponsored Guests - Changing your temporary password

  1. Enable your device's WiFi.
  2. Select the "OHIO University Guest" wireless network.
  3. Open up a web browser.
  4. Look for the "New Guests Click Here" link and follow the instructions to change your temporary password.
  5. Once you have changed your password, you can follow the instructions above under "Faculty, Staff, Students, and Sponsored Guests" to connect to the secure "OHIO University" network. You can continue to connect to "OHIO University Guest" by entering your Ohio ID and your NEW password. Your initial login is secure; however there is no further security/encryption provided on this network.