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Qualtrics Research Suite is an easy to use, powerful tool for creating online surveys. It supports a wide range of approaches, from simple questionnaires and event signup lists to sophisticated social science research instruments with extensive scripting, randomization and interactive question presentation.

How To Acquire:

Qualtrics is a cloud service available to all students, faculty and staff at no charge.  To access Qualtrics, visit:


Use of Qualtrics is restricted to the university's central missions of education, research and public service.  Commercial use of Qualtrics is not allowed under our site license.


Support & Installation Information:

Login, Account Creation & other OHIO issues

If you are having trouble logging into https://ohio.qualtrics.com/ with your OHIO ID and password, contact the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222 or submit a request.  More information about OHIO-specific issues can be found on our Qualtrics Home Page.

Getting Started with Qualtrics

To learn more about what you can do with Qualtrics, start with the following qualtrics.com web pages:

Qualtrics User Community

OHIO already has many Qualtrics users with a wealth of experience creating academic research surveys. To tap into that collective wisdom, consider joining the OHIO Qualtrics users email list.