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The Office of Information Technology has received numerous departmental requests for encryption solutions consistent with NIST 800-53 information security standards due to functional audits and external recommendations from university consultants.

Detailed descriptions of the encryption products can be found at:

How To Acquire:

OIT is currently offering a bulk licensing purchase for PGP file and whole-disk encryption software for individuals who need to manage sensitive information on their computers.

The pricing breakdown is as follows.  Each user would need both of the below products (consider it a bundle @ $170 each even though it has two skus):

  • PGP Universal Server: $80 per user (estimated price; may change due to quantity purchased)
  • PGP Desktop Storage (Netshare and Whole-Disk Encryption): $90 per device (estimated price; may change due to quantity purchased)

To help you decide on quantity, consider the following criteria:

  • How many devices does your department manage which, if lost, could result in data compromises from the standpoint of FERPA, HIPAA, intellectual property, or other confidentiality obligations of the University?
  • How secure is each device during the workday and after-hours? Is the device taken outside the University environment, and if so, how often?
  • Do you have any contractual obligations to use encryption for grants, research, or other projects?
  • If you are currently using an encryption service that does not provide a mechanism for safeguarding encryption keys, what is the risk of data loss if you lose your decryption keys?

Support & Installation Information:

Q:  What if a PGP bundle is purchased for computer/user at OU and that person then leaves the university?
A:  User accounts can be deleted from the PGP server to free up that license (i.e. transferred to someone else).

Q:  Can student employees use the PGP software?
A:  Yes, we encourage anyone that works with sensitive information to have access to the software.

Please direct any technical questions to security@ohio.edu. Questions about the purchase can be sent to sitelicenses@ohio.edu.