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SAS is a statistical software package.

Windows Platform:

  • SAS (includes STAT, ETS, IML, GRAPH, & many additional modules)
  • Versions 9.3
  • $250 per license
  • $15 to purchase the CDs
  • Note:  Annual Setinit Charge:  Annual setinits to continue to run SAS will be $80 each (effective 7/1/12).  However, when a new version of SAS is released, there will be no charge to departments to upgrade.  (Effective 7/1/11)

How To Acquire:

New Licenses for University-Owned Machines:

The Technology Depot needs an departmental account number to process the order.  Visit the Technology Depot or


E-mail sitelicenses@ohio.edu with questions.

SAS licenses can only be purchased for university-owned machines; licenses for home-use are not allowed. Students are not eligible to purchase SAS products through Ohio University.   


Support & Installation Information:

SAS Support