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MatLab - Individual/Research


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MatLab provides core mathematics and advanced graphical tools for data analysis, visualization, and algorithm and application development. The MatLab Individual license was purchased by the Office of Information Technology.

Individual (Reseach) License:
If faculty or staff need an individual (for research) workstation install of MatLab, this is the software license they need. A license is needed for each machine it is installed on; however, there is home use rights. This means one license can be used on one machine at work and one machine a home provided that the products are only accessible to, and operated by, the same individual and the two machines are not used at the same time.

If you are interested in installing in a lab, request the "MatLab - Classroom License".

How To Acquire:

Individual License (for research) - University-Owned Machines:

If faculty or staff need an individual workstation install of MatLab, this is the software license they need. Each license is $195 per workstation.

Note: The initial purchase price ($195) includes the MatLab license and software maintenance for the first 12 months.  No toolboxes are included in this price.  After the initial 12-month period an annual software maintenance fee is required to renew your software maintenance service which would provide you with upgrades. Maintenance is around 20% of the initial cost. The Office of Information Technology will send out an e-mail at renewal time to ask for if you are still using the license and if you want to renew (this will be done on an annual basis). This would give you upgrade rights.

The Bobcat Depot needs an departmental account number to process the order.  Visit the Bobcat Depot or


E-mail sitelicenses@ohio.edu with questions.

Student Licenses/DVD:

A student version of MatLab is available at the Bobcat Depot, Baker University Center 112 (Bobcat Depot Hours).  The license and DVD is approximately $109 plus tax.

Computer Labs With Matlab:

MatLab (plus several Matlab toolboxes) is installed in computer labs & locations around campus including:

Alden Library/Learning Commons & all computers within Alden
Morton Hall - MatLab Homework Info


Support & Installation Information: