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Ohio Supercomputer Center Software


Ohio Supercomputer Center Software


The Ohio Supercomputer Center software is not paid for by Ohio University. Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) received funding from the Ohio Board of Regents to acquire statewide licenses for software tools that will facilitate research which are made available to Ohio University. There are a limited number of licenses for each product, but there is no cost involved if you meet the "user criteria".

To use the OSC software, you must be a "Principal Investigator" (PI). A "PI" must have a full-time appointment (typically a tenure-track faculty appointment) at a college, a university, or a research organization administered by an Ohio academic institution. Students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists, and others who wish to use the facilities may be authorized users on projects headed by an eligible PI.

How To Acquire:

Software Available Through OSC's Statewide Software License Distribution:

Visit OSC for a list of software available through OSC's Statewide Software License Distribution

How To Obtain Software:

In most cases, to use the OSC software, you must connect over the Internet to a license server at OSC. OSC must enable the license server to work with your workstation. The first step is creating an OSC account (user name) and obtaining permission to use the OSC software. This is done by "Getting a New OSC Account".

After you have obtained your OSC user name, review the detailed information about each software (by following the above links) to find out the specifics such as obtaining and installing the software, supported platforms, and documentation. For example, most of the software is obtained by sending an e-mail with your OSC user name and workstation address (IP address) to oschelp@osc.edu to enable your workstation.

IP Address Note: If you have a DHCP IP address instead of a static IP address, OSC recommends providing them with a range of IP addresses that you possibly could be using.


Support & Installation Information: