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Tech 101: Bobcat Student Orientation

Got an iPad?  Download Tech 101 as an iBook... (110 MB download, iPad required to view)

Tech 101: What you need to know and the things you should do before coming to Bobcat Student Orientation.Do from home:

Any time:

After you arrive:

Do this step from home Connect with us

To get useful tech tips, advance notice of scheduled downtime for services like Blackboard and Catmail, and even the occasional free cookies or pizza from the Tech Depot, you should:

  1. earbud wrapSign up for mobile alerts from us: Text techdepot to 90210.  Stop by the Tech Depot during Orientation, show us the sign-up confirmation text on your phone, and we'll give you a free earbud wrap!
  2. Follow @OhioIT on Twitter
  3. Like OUTechDepot on Facebook
  4. Add the OIT Service Desk, 740-593-1222, to your phone contacts
  5. Bookmark www.ohio.edu/oitech for 24/7 help requests

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Do this step from home Confirm that Catmail and My OHIO work

Before you arrive on campus, you should log into My OHIO and your Catmail account at least once to confirm that you remember your password:

If you want a sneak preview of how you will register for classes, watch this video:

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Do this step from home Register your devices

Any device brought to campus – wireless or wired – needs to be registered on our network each academic term.  Save yourself time and stress by registering your devices in advance.

You'll need:

Do this after July 1, 2013:

  1. Log in to https://webapps.ohio.edu/netreg with your OHIO ID and password.
  2. Enter the MAC address of your device, type a description that will help you identify it in the future, and click Register Device.
  3. Read our usage policy and click Agree.

If you have more than one device, or if you want to register both the Ethernet and WiFi adapters in a laptop, repeat steps 2 & 3 for each device or adapter. 

You can register devices when you arrive, too.  If you choose this route, connect to the network, open a web browser, and a registration page should load automatically.  If you have any questions, visit the Network Registration FAQ or contact the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222.

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Do this step from home Computer purchase advice

Computers - The Tech Depot carries Apple computers and business-class Dell computers. We do not sell consumer-class computers, so if you want to do any comparison shopping, make sure you are looking at comparable systems.  You get what you pay for...

Printers, streaming media systems, and other accessories - Wireless accessories like printers and streaming TV systems will not work on our network!  When shopping for accessories and peripherals, make sure they include the ability to connect via wire.   For printers, that's usually a USB connection.

Apple devices - The Tech Depot sells Apple computers, iPods, and iPads.  We do not sell phones.

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Do these any time How to get help

We offer multiple ways to get computer, network, and other tech-related help:

If you need to get a computer fixed, the Tech Depot is a factory-authorized repair center for "business class" computers from Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

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Do this after you arrive on campus. Install Sophos Anti-Virus

Once you register for classes, you will be eligible to download and install Sophos-Anti Virus at no charge.  We strongly recommend using it!

If you already have a different anti-virus program, you should consider uninstalling it and replacing it with Sophos.

Remember - you can't download Sophos until AFTER you register for classes!

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Do this after you arrive on campus. Software discounts

As an OHIO student, you can take advantage of many software site licenses and educational discounts.  Most discounts and free downloads require that you be registered for classes.

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Do this after you arrive on campus. WiFi and Wired Internet

The university has 100% wall-to-wall wireless Internet coverage.  To connect to our wireless network, your devices need to support WPA2 Enterprise.  Most laptops, tablets, and smart phones should work just fine, but wireless accessories like printers will not.

We also have Ethernet available in all residence hall rooms and classrooms, in case you have a device that needs to be plugged in.  If you need to share an Ethernet jack with roommates, you can borrow a switch and cables from the Tech Depot.

We have a lot of bandwidth available at OHIO, but with close to 8000 people living in the residence halls, there's always a chance of virtual traffic jams.  When that happens, academic traffic takes priority over entertainment:

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Do this after you arrive on campus. Stay safe online

Follow these seven simple steps to protect yourself online:

  1. Protect your personal info. Don't respond to unsolicited messages asking you to log into a system or reply with your username and password.  Don't open unsolicited attachments.
  2. Know who you are dealing with. Verify requests by calling or visiting websites directly - don't use the links or phone numbers inside an unsolicited message.  Don't volunteer information if you didn't initiate the contact. 
  3. Use anti-virus software and enable your device's firewall.
  4. Keep your operating system, browsers, and plugins up to date.
  5. Protect your passwords.  Never share your OHIO password with anyone else.
  6. Keep backups of important files.
  7. Report scam emails to security@ohio.edu.  If you think your account has been compromised, call 740-566-SAFE.

Learn more at onguardonline.gov

Emergency notifications - If you have a text-capable cell phone, make sure it is entered correctly into the university's emergency text messaging service.  Should an emergency develop on the Athens campus, you could receive timely information about the situation via automated text message.

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Do this after you arrive on campus. Copyright and general usage policies

We are required by law to take measures on our network to address copyright violations.  If you are detected downloading or uploading copyrighted materials, you will receive a warning after your first offense.  A second offense will get you blocked on the network and will require a personal visit to the Tech Depot to restore service.  A third offense will result in an ongoing network block and a referral to the Office of Community Standards

iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and other legal services will not get you blocked.  Torrenting copyrighted files WILL get you blocked.  

Should you be sued by the RIAA, the university can play no role in providing for legal defense. You will be responsible for all matters in responding to a lawsuit. If you have paid the Center for Student Legal Services fee, you can obtain free legal advice from the Center; however, the Center cannot represent you in a copyright lawsuit, as this is outside the scope of their board-approved mandate.

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Do this after you arrive on campus. Computer Labs

Centrally managed labs are available in the following locations:

  • Technology Depot in Baker Center 112

    • Computer lab
    • ID Cards
    • Computer, peripheral and accessory sales
    • Computer repair drop off and pickup
    • Software sales and distribution
    • Clicker distribution
    • Walk-up technical support
  • Alden Library Learning Commons - managed jointly with the library

    • Computer lab
    • Laptop loan program (loaned equipment for use within Alden Library only)
    • Multimedia Center (12 Macs with multimedia hardware/software)
    • Reference Services
    • Student Writing Center
    • Media Library
    • Group Study Rooms
    • Rollins Room - boardroom setting

Some academic departments also maintain labs specifically for students in their programs.

If you qualify for financial aid, and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is less than $8000, you may be eligible to borrow a desktop computer from the Allen Student Help Center in Baker Center at no charge.

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Do this after you arrive on campus. Blackboard

Many instructors at OHIO use Blackboard to provide an online component to their courses.  Blackboard is fairly easy to get used to, but there are a few quirks to our system that nearly everyone gets confused by when they first arrive:

  • Add/Drop Delays - If you add or drop a class that uses Blackboard, that class will not appear (or disappear) from your list of current classes right away.  It can take up to 48 hours for such changes to make it through our system. 
  • No Course to View - If you log into Blackboard and don't see one or more of your courses there, don't be surprised.  Many instructors do not load information into Blackboard until after the semester starts, and some simply don't use it at all.  Your instructor must enable their course in Blackboard before it will show up in your course list. If none of your courses are active in Blackboard, then the system won't even let you log in.

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