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Anti-virus at OHIO: Sophos


Sophos virus and malware protection for Mac and Windows

Ohio University has selected Sophos as the university's anti-virus and anti-malware provider.  

Sophos has been site licensed and is available to all faculty, staff, and students for university and personal home use.

Benefits of using Sophos

  • Security - excellent virus and malware prevention, detection, and removal
  • Fast performance - Sophos works quietly in the background, with very low CPU demands. Even during a full system scan, your computer should not slow down.
  • Recovery options - With infected devices, Sophos often can successfully install and clean the infection on the spot.
  • Cross-platform support - Sophos works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. It also is developing options to deal with emerging threats on mobile devices.
  • Remote management - updates, upgrades, and infection recoveries can be managed remotely

How to get Sophos

The home use version of Sophos is available as a free download.  

To install Sophos on a university-owned computer, contact either your departmental IT support tech or the OIT Service Desk.