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IT Outages & Scheduled Maintenance

This page tracks scheduled and unscheduled down time for centrally managed IT services.  Click an item to reveal additional details about that entry.  If you have questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222.

Current Incidents

Feb 23: Footprints work order system

  • Update: Feb 25

    Footprints currently appears to be working acceptably; however, we may need to take the system offline in the coming days to apply vendor-recommended fixes.  

    The Footprints work order system currently is experiencing slow performance.  Screens may be slow to load, and actions may time out.  We are working on resolving this.

Mar. 26, Some OhioLINK services

  • The OhioLINK Electronic Journal service currently redirects off-campus users to a different university site once they log in.  Other OhioLINK services may be slow to process the login or may not finish processing the login.

Scheduled Maintenance

Mar 27 5pm - Mar 30 7 am: Oracle e-Business & related services

  • OIT has scheduled maintenance for the Oracle e-Business Suite from 5:00 pm Friday, Mar 27 through 7:00 am Monday, Mar 30.  During this maintenance window, e-Business and related services may be unavailable.  If you choose to access the system during this time, save your work often, as services may go down without notice.
    If you have access to e-Business administrative screens, you may be prompted to install an updated version of Java when you log in after this work is complete.
    Affected services include:

    • Oracle E-Business Suite:
      • Oracle HRMS
      • Oracle FMS
      • Employee Management System
      • OUFMS Reporting
      • My Personal Information
    • BobcatBUY
    • Online Graduate Appointments
    • OU Business Online
    • OU Funds Available
    • OU PO Summary View

Mar 28, 5 am - 8 am: Panopto, and misc SQL dependant apps

  •  SQL patching will affect the following applications on Mar 28 between 5 am and 8 am:

    • Panopto lecture capture
    • fsaAtlas
    • Q2S
    • Inteum
    • Digital video servers for football and women's basketball
    • Sophos admin console
    • SCOM
    • WebTMA
    • WebCTRL
    • OUContinuum
    • Library metering software
    • Identity Finder
    • Crestron Fusion
    • Pharos printing
    • Equitrac printing
    • VMware
    • Fusion Transaction
    • Conference Programmer
    • FIMSynchronization
    • View Composer
    • WebTMA reporting
    • HIPAA server for Counseling Services, Women's Center and Porter Hall

Mar 28, 5 am - 8 am: Rolling outage for WiFi on all campuses

  • A system update will require all of our wireless Internet access points on all campuses to reboot at some point during this 3 hour window. The outages will happen on a building-by-building basis, with each building’s outage being approximately 10 minutes long.  Blackboard will remain online; however, if you are logged in to Blackboard on the university WiFi when your building reboots, you will lose your active session.  Off campus access to Blackboard will not be affected.

Mar 28, 2 am - 4 am: Internet access, including University telephones, Catmail and Blackboard

  • On Mar 28 between 2 am and 4 am, the university's core network will experience a 30-60 minute outage.  This will result in a 30 to 60 minute Internet outage for all campuses.  Services that depend on our network like Blackboard, e-mail, e-Biz and PeopleSoft will remain up, but they will not be accessible from outside of our data center during the work.

    University wired telephones, including OUPD may experience intermittent down time during this work, also.  If you have an emergency, please use a cell phone to contact 911.

Mar 31, 4am - 7am: Internet & VoIP in specific buildings

  • Mar 31, 4 am - 7 am: Brief Internet outage in specific buildings  
    Router updates will cause a 10 minute wired and wireless Internet outage for each of the following buildings some time during the 4 am - 7am window:

    • WUSOC
    • HRTC
    • Central Classroom
    • Life Sciences
    • Bromley Hall
    • Lasher Hall
    • Haning
    • Computer Services Center (staff areas only - data center not affected)
    • Copeland

Mar 31: Discontinuing email delivery to oak.cats.ohiou.edu

  • On Mar. 31, 2015 Ohio University will stop accepting messages sent to ‘@oak.cats.ohiou.edu’ addresses.  

    Catmail already blocks Oak addresses internally, so this change will only affect people who try to send to an Oak address from a non-OHIO email system like Gmail, Yahoo, another university, etc.

    Delivery to ohio.edu addresses will not be affected.

    If you have any email contacts who still use the old Oak format, please ask them to switch to the @ohio.edu version of your address before Mar. 31.  If you have any Oak entries in your address books or mailing lists, please replace ‘oak.cats.ohiou.edu’ with ‘ohio.edu’ for those entries.

    To help identify old addresses, from now until Mar. 31 anyone who sends to an Oak address from outside Catmail will receive an auto-reply with information about the change.  After Mar. 31, all messages sent to an Oak address will bounce back to the sender.


Apr 01, 4 am - 7 am: Internet & VoIP in specific buildings

  • Apr 01, 4 am - 7 am: Brief Internet outage in specific buildings  
    Router updates will cause a 10 minute wired and wireless Internet outage for each of the following buildings some time during the 4 am - 7am window:

    • Ellis Hall
    • Alden Library
    • Baker Center
    • 15 Park Place
    • Gordy Hall
    • Scott Quad
    • Cady
    • Zoology
    • Nelson
    • Ping Center

Apr 02, 4 am - 7 am: Internet & VoIP in specific buildings

  • Apr 02, 4 am - 7 am: Brief Internet & VoIP phone outage in specific buildings  
    Router updates will cause a 10 minute wired and wireless Internet outage for each of the following buildings some time during the 4 am - 7am window:

    • 31 S. Court St.
    • Athena
    • RTV, including RHE H323 video
    • Voigt
    • Hudson Health Center
    • Glidden Hall
    • Putnam
    • Stocker Center
    • Wilson Hall (West Green)
    • Grosvenor & Grosvenor West
    • Porter
    • Grover Center

Apr 04, 6 am - 7 am: SSL VPN

  • One or two brief outages for the SSL VPN during this hour.

Apr 04, 7 am - 9 am: Many academic & administrative applications

  • The following apps will be offline for at least 60 minutes while we apply system updates:

    • AdAstra
    • Adirondack
    • PeopleSoft custom apps, including:
      • Course Offerings
      • Faculty & Advising Center
      • DARS
    • Informs warehouse
    • NetReg
      • You will be unable to register or de-register a device on the wired network.  Devices that are already registered will still be able to access the Internet.
    • OBI scheduler
    • VMware
    • Workforce
      • The admin interface will be down, but time clocks will still work

Apr 04, 4 am - 7 am: Blackboard

  • Blackboard will be offline from 4 am to 7 am on Apr 4 while we apply required system patches, update several building blocks, and install four new building blocks.

Apr 08, 6:00 am - 6:30 am: Login page for services including Catmail

  • We will be putting a new login page in production for services like Catmail.  Other than a new login graphic, this change should not have much impact.  In rare cases, the following might happen during the work:

    • Catmail OWA - If you are logged into OWA when the change happens, you might have to close your browser and log back in. 
    • Mobile Catmail - If you have Catmail set up on a mobile device, you might need to restart your device