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Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Michelle Donaldson  

The Blackboard upgrade scheduled for summer 2014 will bring multiple changes to the way Blackboard looks and functions. This multi-part news series looks at those changes in detail. All current instructors of record can preview the new Blackboard by logging into https://bbtest.ohio.edu.

Screen shot: specifying test result filters in Blackboard

Inline grading

Assignments submitted in Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF formats now can be graded and annotated from within Blackboard. Instead of downloading and opening the file, Blackboard gives you the option of displaying the file inside your browser.

Test Access Log

The Access Log allows instructors and other users with the appropriate permissions to view details of a student's interactions with a test, including:

  • test start time
  • saved questions
  • test submission
  • time spent on each event
  • time elapsed between each event

The Access Log can be found on the "attempts" page of the relevant student’s assessment grade details view in the Grade Center.

Exporting test questions

Test exports will work differently in Blackboard:

  • Exported tests retain all of their questions, regardless of origin - including those from Question Sets, Random Blocks and Question Links.
  • Questions linked in question sets and random blocks in the originating tests are imported into the new test in question pools.
  • Linked single questions are imported as non-linked questions.

Test and survey options

The Blackboard upgrade offers multiple improvements to the way tests are created and presented to students.

Availability Exceptions allow instructors to specify different availability settings for one or more groups of students within the same assessment. Available options include:

  • Number of attempts
  • Timer
  • Auto-submit on or off
  • Availability start and end dates
  • Force Completion on or off  

Test result filters - Instructors can create rules that restrict the availability of test results and student feedback to improve data security and deter cheating.

Direct question insertion - Add questions to the Test Canvas by inserting directly instead of adding at the bottom and dragging to reposition.

Past-due date restrictions - Instructors can prevent students from taking exams or submitting assignments past the due date. If this feature is disabled, late submissions are clearly marked on the Needs Grading, View All Attempts and Grade Details pages.


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