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Access a Departmental Mailbox

What is a departmental email account?

The Exchange e-mail system supports accounts for both individuals and groups (for example, academic or administrative departments). Unlike individual mailboxes, departmental mailboxes are accessible by a list of users who are identified by their Ohio IDs. Users on the list may have different permissions; some may only be able to read mail, and others may have permission to modify and delete messages.

Departmental mailboxes can be accessed by an e-mail client that uses the Exchange protocol (Outlook, Entourage, OWA). Each departmental mailbox user must have a valid Exchange account.

When accessing a departmental mailbox from an individual user's Outlook 2007/2010 profile on a PC, the "From:" address defaults to the individual's address, not the departmental mailbox address. This means that replies to messages sent by the individual will go to their individual mail inbox NOT the departmental mailbox by default. "Sent Items" and "Deleted Items" will also be stored in the individual user's folders, NOT the departmental account. It is possible to manually update the "From:" address on each outgoing message, and to drag and drop messages from "Sent Items" in the individual's folder to the departmental mailbox folder, but not recommended since it requires the user to do this manually for each and every message. The "From:" address in Entourage 2008/Outlook 2011 for Mac will default to the account you are actively using when you create the new message. PLEASE BE SURE ALL USERS OF THIS DEPARTMENTAL MAILBOX UNDERSTAND THIS DESIGN BEHAVIOR.


To request a departmental mailbox, please visit http://www.ohio.edu/oitech to place a work order.  Please include the following information:

Mailbox Address (abc@ohio.edu):

Mailbox Name as it should appear in the GAL (Global Address List):

Mailbox Owner(s) Ohio ID:

Accessing a Departmental Mailbox in Outlook 2007 on a PC

   1. Select Tools -> Account Settings
   2. Select the Change button
   3. Click More Settings at the bottom right
   4. Select the Advanced tab
   5. Select the Add button
   6. Type in the mailbox name you received from the Service Desk and select OK
   7. Select Apply and OK
   8. Select Next, then select Finish
   9. Close the Account Settings window

Accessing a Departmental Mailbox in Outlook 2010 on a PC

   1. Select the File Tab in the top left of Outlook 2010
   2. Click the Account Settings button and choose Account Settings from drop-down box
   3. Select the Change button
   4. Click More Settings at the bottom right
   5. Select the Advanced tab
   6. Select the Add button
   7. Type in the mailbox name you received from the Service Desk and select OK
   8. Select Apply and OK
   9. Select Next, then select Finish
  10. Close the Account Settings window

Accessing a Departmental Mailbox in Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac

   1. Entourage menu, choose Account Settings...
   2. Have one account, your personal Exchange account "set up normally"
   3. Double click on that account
   4. Click on the Delegate tab
   5. Click the "Add" button below the lower box, "Users I am a delegate for," to specify each departmental inbox using its short-form e-mail address

Accessing a Departmental Mailbox in OWA

There are two methods using OWA. The first method will work for students who do not have Exchange accounts but do have permissions to access a departmental account. The second method will be easier if you are already logged into OWA and selected "This is a private computer".

Accessing Departmental Mailbox directly

   1. In any web browser, type this in the address bar http://mail.ohio.edu/owa/address@ohio.edu ; where address@ohio.edu is the e-mail address of the department/office mailbox
   2. Log in using ohioid@ohio.edu and password, where ohioid is your Ohio ID

Accessing a Departmental Mailbox from your own Exchange account

   1. Log in to OWA (Premium version, using Internet Explorer) as you normally do
   2. Click on your name in the upper-right corner of the window. The "Open Other Mailbox" field will appear
   3. Type the name of the departmental mailbox you wish to view, and click "Open..."
   4. The mailbox you select will open in a new Tab in the same Internet Explorer window