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Using an E-mail Client Overview

Catmail works with most e-mail clients.  You also can access Catmail from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile device.

Client Setup Instructions

Visit Microsoft's support site for setup instructions for most popular e-mail clients, including Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and many others.

Server Settings for IMAP and POP:
   Server name Port Connection Method
 POP  outlook.office365.com  995  SSL
 IMAP  outlook.office365.com  993  SSL
SMTP  smtp.office365.com  587  TLS


You can check for mail using either IMAP or POP.  Server settings will be slightly different depending on which method you choose.


  • IMAP stores your email on the server until you delete it. IMAP works well for people who use multiple devices.
  • POP downloads all your mail from the server and stores it on your local device. Once mail has been downloaded, it can be accessed from your e-mail client at any time, even if your device is not connected to the Internet.  POP works best for people who use a single device to check email.
Connecting to Gmail

You can use Gmail's Mail Fetcher feature to connect your Catmail to a personal Gmail account: