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On-the-Road Long Distance Rates

The following rates are for U.S. domestic calls placed using your Bobcat Account Code via 1-800-777-OHIO:

Dial 1-800-777-OHIO and follow voice prompts to use Bobcat Account Code.

7 1/2 ¢ a minute all day every day calling to campus or Athens local numbers

12 1/2 ¢ a minute all day every day for calls to other domestic US locations

$0.30 per call surcharge.

Athens Local Calls:

If you use 1-800-777-OHIO from an Athens local phone, you will pay more than necessary for your call. 1-800-777-OHIO is meant for use only when traveling or when calling from a pay phone. For long distance calls from a non-University local Athens phone, dial: 566-OHIO and follow voice instructions. Rates for 566-OHIO are identical to on-campus calls.

    * Campus Rates - for long distance calls placed from campus extensions and Athens local phones (via 566-OHIO).
    * About Bobcat Account Codes - where to get one, what it can be used for, and who is eligible.
    * International Rates - including Canada and Mexico.