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Snap Shot: The flipped classroom approach - Facilitating an innovative teaching strategy

July 05, 2013

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The Flipped Classroom is a teaching model that inverts traditional teaching methods. Course “lectures” are published as video podcasts and learning modules that students view online before class. This allows class time to be spent on activities such as problem-based work that focuses on higher order thinking, improves student engagement and increases meaningful interaction between students and teachers.

During Spring Semester 2013, Academic Technologies facilitated a Flipped Classroom Studio at Ohio University. This four-week Studio provided participants with assistance and collegial support to begin the process of flipping their course starting with one class session. Expectations were that faculty would be required to attend all four sessions as well as allocate at least 3-4 hours weekly outside of the Studio for homework and preparations for the development process. Interested faculty members were required to apply for admittance to the Studio and provide their course information.

The interest in the Flipped Classroom Studio was considerable. We received 22 applicants and many faculty emails stating that they were unable to attend due to timing, but hoped we would be providing future Studios because they were very interested. 

We also collected feedback weekly during the Studio, and the participants indicated the process and support provided during the Studio was very helpful.

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