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Getting Started

For help with Instructional Design, Training and Support:
Contact Mike Roy

Follow these steps:

STEP 1:   Contact Mike Roy in Academic Technology at 597-2705 or email him at roy@ohio.edu. He will schedule an appointment with you to familiarize you with the technology (both software and hardware). This training also provides you with both technical and pedagogical experience in using a Student Response System. If several people from your department are interested in signing up together, Mike can schedule a department-wide introduction to the Student Response System and tailor it to your needs.

STEP 2: Download the TurningPoint software and install it on your personal or office computer. This is the software you will use to author interactive question slides within Microsoft PowerPoint. Be sure to download TurningPoint 2008.

STEP 3: Begin re-working your lecture presentations to include interactive slides. You may want to begin by lecturing for 10 minutes and then posting an interactive question slide to confirm whether or not your students are getting it. The key to using "clickers" effectively is asking good questions. This is a skill that takes time and practice. Expore ideas for using clickers by watching video interviews of faculty who have used clickers at Ohio University.

STEP 4: Complete the online request form to notify Academic Technology of your intention to use the SRS at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the quarter. When you submit this request form, Academic Technology will make sure that your classroom is equipped to support clicker use.

STEP 5: Inform your students via your course syllabus and course Blackboard site that they will be required to use a clicker for your course. You can include this in the required materials listed for your course.  Your students can purchase a clicker at Tech Depot (located on the 1st floor of Baker Center). The price for clickers are as follows: $36 (new clicker) and $26 (used clickers while they last). To ease the cost of the clicker, let students know they can sell their clicker back to Tech Depot at the end of the quarter for $20 or keep it to use in another class in the future.

STEP 6: Students will need to register their clicker for your course using Blackboard. Here is a video tutorial that shows students how to register their clicker for your course. Please post a link to this tutorial in the announcements section of your Blackboard course. For Students: How to register my clicker

STEP 7: After students have registered their clickers for your course you will be able to record how each individual answered any given question in class. This is possible because of a "participant list" file that pairs your students' names with corresponding clicker ID's. Without a participant list you can only poll your students anonymously. Learn how to generate a participant list in Blackboard.

STEP 8: Teach your students how to use clickers in class. We've created two job aides to help you. Feel free to download these files and share them with your students.

Teach students how to use clickers (PDF document) - Handout for students
Teach students how to use clickers (PowerPoint file) - You can download this file to show in your class. You have permission to modify this presentation to fit your classroom needs.

STEP 9: At the end of each class period save your interactive session data. Session data records the questions you asked and how students responded to each question. You will use session data files to create detailed reports in Excel or Word, which you can import into your gradebook. We've created a Daily Checklist (PDF document) that you can take to class to walk you through these steps each day.

STEP 10: You can give students participation credit for using clickers and upload session data directly to Blackboard Gradebook.