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Turnitin Advanced Features Event

Do you teach online or blended classes? Are you interested in a paperless classroom and online grading? Looking for a better system for addressing plagiarism?

Please join Academic Technologies on Thursday, March 27 from 10:30am-12:00pm in the Friends of the Library Room (319 Alden) as Professor Aaron Wright discusses the benefits of using the plagiarism tool, Turnitin ( www.turnitin.com ) online grading and peer review features.
Online grading provides instructors the ability to grade and provide feedback directly on student written assignments (i.e. papers, essays, thesis, powerpoint files), and non-written work (including images, videos, music files).
Peer review allows students to evaluate each other's course assignments and learn from their classmates.
Turnitin is currently available to Ohio University faculty and is integrated with Blackboard.

This brown bag session will include:

  • An overview of Turnitin
  • Creating Turnitin assignments in Blackboard
  • Using the Turnitin online grading (Grademark) feature
  • Creating rubrics in Turnitin
  • Creating peer review assignments
  • Tips and tricks for using online grading (Grademark) & peer review

Previous experience with Turnitin is not required for this session. However, if you have not used Turnitin, we recommend that you visit the Turnitin website ( www.turnitin.com ) for an overview of the system and its features before the session.
A laptop is recommended, but not required.

Please send email (at@ohio.edu) if you are able to attend.

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