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Cover art from issue #13 Cover art from issue #11 Cover art from issue #8


Congratulations to Michelle Boisseau, whose poem "Sunrise with Hydra" from issue 15 was recently featured on the Poetry Daily website!

Congratulations to Carol Anshaw whose short story "The Last Speaker of the Language" from issue #10 has been listed as a Notable in The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2013.

Congratulations to Nathan Anderson whose poem “Stupid Sandwich” from issue #11 has been reprinted in Best American Poetry 2013, edited by Denise Duhamel.


So I'm learning to squeeze a little discipline
From the porous emotions, though they're prone to go berserk,
Like weasels on a trapeze.

Elton Glaser, “Aftermath in Brine” from Issue 15

Congratulations 2014 Contest Winners

Fiction Prizes

1st - Robert Glick
2nd - Joseph Scapellato

Poetry Prizes

1st - Stephanie Horvath
2nd - Jennifer Perrine

Featured NOR Audio

William Lychack

Dana Roeser