...she's tired, and scared, and she's also / mad as hell, / not at my dad, but me--yelling / that she doesn't want to be in this poem / for one more minute...

Tony Hoagland, "My Father Tells Me a Story" from Issue 5

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2014 New Ohio Review Contest in Poetry and Fiction

Congratulations to this year's contest winners. All prizewinners will be published in the fall 2014 issue. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Fiction (Selected by Aimee Bender)
Winner: Robert Glick, "The Undersized Negative"
Second Prize: Joseph Scapellato, "Small Boy"

Poetry (Selected by Alan Shapiro)
Winner: Stephanie Horvath, "Medicine," "So That Is What I Am," and "Cades Cove Water Wheel"
Second Prize: Jennifer Perrine, "Embarrassment" and "A Theory of Violence"