...she's tired, and scared, and she's also / mad as hell, / not at my dad, but me--yelling / that she doesn't want to be in this poem / for one more minute...

Tony Hoagland, "My Father Tells Me a Story" from Issue 5

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Announcing the 2015 New Ohio Review Contest in Poetry and Fiction

Judges:      Maud Casey in Fiction
                          Robert Pinsky in Poetry

Prizes:       First Prize: $1,500 in each genre
                         Second Prize: $500 in each genre

Entry Fee: $20, with which you recieve a one-year subscription
Deadline:   March 10th, 2015

Poets may submit six single-spaced pages. Prose may be up to 25 double-spaced pages. Electronic submissions should be saved as a Word document and submitted through New Ohio Review's submission manager. Paper submissions must be postmarked March 10th. All paper manuscripts and correspondence regarding submissions should be accompanied by a S.A.S.E. For international submissions, please include a stamped International Reply Coupon (I.R.C.) with your S.A.S.E. or provide a valid e-mail address. Unless you specify in your cover letter that you would like your manuscript returned (and supply sufficient postage), all manuscripts will be recycled. You may mail your manuscripts to:

New Ohio Review
English Dept.
360 Ellis Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

2014 New Ohio Review Contest Winners

Congratulations to last year's contest winners. All prize winners were published in New Ohio Review 16. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Fiction (Selected by Aimee Bender)

Winner: Robert Glick, "The Undersized Negative"
   Second Prize: Joseph Scapellato, "Small Boy"

Poetry (Selected by Alan Shapiro)

Winner: Stephanie Horvath, "Medicine," "So That Is What I Am," and "Cades Cove Water Wheel"
   Second Prize: Jennifer Perrine, "Embarrassment" and "A Theory of Violence"