OHIO University ME & EnE Sr. Capstone Design (SrD)  




Goals of SrD Capstone Experience (pdf)


SrD Class Syllabus – ME 4701/4702 and EnE 4100/4110  


Overview of activities for ME projects

> Select an engineering project that will make a difference in the life of someone in the Appalachian region or internationally

> Work together with teammates to establish the foundation for effective teamwork, project management and professional skills.

> Complete activities with ME 1010 students for your own professional development and to support their design projects

> Capture and translate the “Voice of the Customer” into meaningful design specifications and criteria.

> Develop a range of feasible design concepts.

> Design and construct a safe, reliable and effective prototype that meets the specifications and criteria and is delivered on time. 
  > Use an FMEA approach to assess risks
  > Conduct appropriate design analysis
  > Build and test mock-ups for validation
  > Produce toleranced drawings and a manufacturing plan

     >  Manufacture and assemble a working prototype, and estimate the total cost of that prototype

> Deliver the working prototype along with a user’s manual (including maintenance and product service info) and work with the customer to demonstrate performance and impact (that it has made a difference in their life)

> Provide product support for the customer to ensure the prototype product is reliable and truly meets their requirements…Improve the prototype as necessary based on operating experience

> Apply design methods (including Design for Manufacturability and Assembly, Value Engineering, Design for extreme affordability, etc.) to create a low cost transferable design (on paper).

> Estimate production costs for the transferable design and evaluate whether the design should be produced.

> Complete the documentation and validation of the design, and submit your work for an external design competition.


EnE Projects:
Energy projects follow the same overall process but are focused more on systems and simulations than on prototype design and construction. 



Examples of Previous OHIOU ME Senior Design Projects
(Including links to project web pages with detailed information on most projects)

2003 Fire Fighting System Demonstration Day


Accepting Project Proposals through July 2017 – Propose a Project


ME and EnE DMAD 2017 ProjectsProjects In Progress during the 2016-17 academic year


Designing to Make a Difference – DMAD 2016


Designing to Make a Difference – DMAD 2015


Designing to Make a Difference – DMAD 2014


Designing to Make a Difference – DMAD 2013


Designing to Make a Difference – DMAD 2012


Designing to Make a Difference – DMAD 2011


Designing to Make a Difference 2010


NISH Assistive Technology Projects - with local individuals and Non-profit Agencies


NISH (National Institute of the Severely Handicapped) Workplace Innovation and Design Projects


Energy-efficient Intra-community transportation


Energy-Appropriate Personal Campus Transporter


Powered Shopping Cart


Portable Powered Automobile Jack


Human Powered Fire Fighting System


Personal Powered Portable Transportation (3PT) Vehicle


Dragster powered by an externally fired heat engine.

For more information contact: Dr. Greg Kremer

Video Interview of Greg Kremer speaking about the Designing to Make a Difference Projects

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