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The Ceramics program emphasizes the realization of individual goals. We encourage the exploration of ideas and materials to foster an atmosphere of diversity. We are committed to developing individuals who challenge contemporary standards while producing work of exceptional craftsmanship. It is our intent to prepare artists for competition in the complex, professional ceramic art world.

Special Features

Seigfred Hall, the art building at Ohio University, dedicates its entire first floor to the three dimensional arts of ceramics and sculpture. The ceramic studio occupies over 7500 square feet.

All students have access to a well-equipped studio that includes $25,000 raw material inventory, and equipment consisting of over 20 potters wheels, 3 clay mixers (2 Soldners, 1 new Bluebird), 2 slab rollers, a ballmill, sandblaster, Slipomatic, glaze spraying booth, and a well-stocked ventilated glaze room and clay mixing area. The Ceramics department has a total of 14 kilns, 3 indoor and 11 outdoor.

Our Faculty

The faculty, like the program, offer a great deal of diversity. Through our own artmaking careers and experiences within the field, we have gathered a large pool of information from which students can draw.

College of Fine Arts

The College of Fine arts is home to four schools at the undergraduate level that offer degrees in Art, Dance, Music and Theater. For graduate students, they also offer programs in film and interdisciplinary studies.The college is dedicated to advancing the arts through active participation in artistic and humanistic dialogue. It is committed to challenging, enriching and educating students through the creation and study of the arts. As the Athens region's primary cultural resource, the College of Fine Arts engages people of the university, the larger community and the geographic region in the arts. Hundreds of performances, productions, lectures and exhibitions throughout the year allows for students to show and display their work in a professional setting. The College of Fine Arts also offers an exclusive program, called a RLC, or Residential Learning Community, that allows students to live with other fine arts students on-campus.

Ohio University

Established in 1804, Ohio University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory. Admission to Ohio University is granted to the best-qualified applicants as determined by a selective admission policy.