LGBT Organizations

Campus & Local LGBTA Organizations
Information is subject to change. All meetings are while OU is in session. Last updated on September 1, 2009.

Serving as OU’s version of a Gay-Straight Alliance. Open-minded people striving for the equal treatment of LGBT people and other minorities. ALLY sells the ‘Gay? Fine Be Me.’ and hosts the Annual Queer Prom in winter.  Contact Nathan.L.Johnson.1@ohio.edu or visit http://www.ohio.edu/~ALLY.

Empowering Women of Ohio (EWO)
Bridging the gap between LGBT issues and Women's Rights concerns. EWO actively participates in LGBT events and coordinates the Empowered Woman’s Week in the winter. Contact Lacey.G.Rogers.1@ohio.edu.

LGBT Commission of Student Senate
Providing the voice for LGBT concerns on Student Senate. The commission has enhanced the LGBT experience at OU over the years. The LGBT Commission coordinates the annual Pride Week in spring. Contact the commissioner Devon.R.Turchan.1@ohio.edu.
LGBT Commission of Graduate Student Senate
Providing the voice for LGBT concerns on Graduate Student Senate. Contact the commissioner David.L.Nichols.1@ohio.edu.

Open Doors: Ohio University's LGBTIQQA Student Union
Acting as the driving force for OU LGBTA community for 4 decades. Open Doors hosts a weekly meeting and discussion and the monthly Dance Parties at Casa. Meetings have been held on Wednesdays at 8pm at UCM, 18 N. College Street since 1988. Contact Co-the co-chairs Katy.M.Fishman.1@ohio.edu and Ryan.E.Womack.1@ohio.edu or visit Visit http://www.ohiou.edu/~opendoor

OU’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Employee Network
Connecting employees for social events, information and progressive efforts. Contact co-chairs Cindy Anderson at andersc2@ohio.edu and Mickey Hart at hartm@ohio.edu.

OUTgrads & Non-Trads
Networking LGBTA grad students and non-traditional undergrads (23+) for social events. Join OUTgrads for dinners, social hours, and other social gatherings. Contact Mickey Hart at hartm@ohio.edu.


Athens Area Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays
Providing an anonymous and safe environment. PFLAG is a community-based organization that holds monthly meetings and coordinates events.  Newcomers always welcome. Contact athensohiopflag@yahoo.com.

Fostering connections between the multicultural Same-Gender Loving, LGBT community. SHADES welcomes people of color who are at various stages of understanding the coming out process, questioning or accepting their sexuality and/or understanding the LGBTA community. A safe space where members can speak freely. Meetings are 8pm every Tuesday. Contact shades@ohio.edu or visit http://www.ohiou.edu/~shades.

Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home
Serving as a women’s intentional living and educational community in rural Athens County. This 151-acre land trust is a non-profit corporation governed by a board of nine women, most of who do not live on the land. SuBAMUH host workshops, camps and other public events for women throughout the year.  Contact SusanBAnthony@frognet.net, call 740-448-7381 or visit http://home.frognet.net/~sbamuh/events.html.

UCM: Center for Spiritual Growth& Social Justice

Nurturing an individual's faith journey and provide means for the expression of that faith in study, worship and in work for justice.  This long time advocate for LGBT students is located at 18 N. College Street. Contact ucm@frognet.net, call 740-593-7301 or visit http://www.ucmathens.org/.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center
354 Baker University Center
T: (740) 593-0239
E: lgbt@ohio.edu

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