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University College - Undeclared

A learning community (LC) in University College at Ohio University is a group of no more than 20 students enrolled in a common set of first-year courses. Each LC is designed to satisfy General Education requirements while also introducing courses related to possible majors.

Participation Requirements

Because LCs provide so many advantages to first-year students, University College requires all first-year students in University College to participate in a LC. ­LC course enrollment is for your first semester only. With assistance from your academic advisor, you will select a different set of courses for subsequent semesters.

Fit within Degree Requirements

Undecided students are as concerned about graduating in four years as students with declared majors. In order to earn a degree, all students are required to complete Ohio University’s General Education requirements, a major, and electives in order to reach a minimum of 120 credits. While a major (along with a possible minor or certificate program) provides students with an area of specialty, the General Education requirements provide students with a broad education. Since all Ohio University degrees require completion of the General Education requirements, it is a logical place for first-year students to begin their college education.

Core Course of the Learning Communities

The core course for nearly all the University College learning communities is UC 1000, the University Experience Course. ­UC 1000 is a two-credit-hour first-year student orientation course specifically designed for students who have not yet declared a major. ­The purpose of UC 1000 is to assist new students in making a successful transition to Ohio University, both academically and personally. ­Some specific topics included in the course are: major and career exploration, academic support resources, time management, and the importance of being active in campus life. ­

UC 1000 is taught by carefully selected instructors who enjoy teaching and mentoring first-year students. ­The instructor is assisted by a peer mentor who coordinates voluntary out of class social activities as well as study sessions and assists you in your transition to college life.

UC 1000 is not an intensive study strategies course. Students who need to hone their study skills are encouraged to enroll in UC 1100, Learning Strategies (3 credits).

Learning Community Selection Process

Once you have applied on-line, you will be assigned a learning community based on your interests. ­During Orientation in June, your Orientation academic advisor will review your LC assignment with you and assist you in selecting one to two additional courses. ­Most students will have a fall semester class schedule totaling 14-18 credit hours with approximately two-thirds of those credit hours being in the LC. Advisor approval is required for any LC changes.

University College Learning Community Options:

University College attracts students with a wide variety of interests, so we have created a large selection of Learning Communities to match those interests - more than 40 distinctly different Learning Communities.­

Since we require all first year students to join a Learning Community, we will have enough Learning Community space so that all University College students can join one. ­However, to increase your chances of getting one of your top choices, complete the application on line as soon as possible.