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General Learning Communities

NOTE: Registration for general learning communities is only available during Bobcat Student Orientation.

Offered to all first-year students regardless of major or college, these learning communities combine:

  • the learning community seminar, which enrolls only the members of the specific community
  • one or two general education courses that count toward graduation requirements for all majors
  • an upper-class peer mentor, who plans the activities and events that focus on the theme of the community

The Digital Divide
With the evolution of digital phones, electronic messaging, social networking sites, computer and other gaming systems, how people interact today is much different than it was twenty years ago – even ten years ago! ­These systems have allowed greater connections among people – but has communication improved? ­If you’re interested in how society has been and will continue to be impacted by electronic devices, then this learning community is 4U!

From the Reel World to the Real World
Do movies imitate life or does life imitate movies? This LC will make use of movies to increase understanding of human nature and cultures. ­Participants will explore individual and societal values as well as cultural and personal identities.
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Foreign Languages and Intercultural Connections
This learning community brings together students who are passionate about languages and exploring the world first-hand. ­Students in the group are learning different languages at various levels and have a common interest in communicating with people in other countries while preparing for careers that incorporate their linguistic abilities and intercultural skills.­

Pop Culture
This LC explores the elements of society that express and define our popular culture, including music, film, advertisements, print media, and television. ­Participants will discuss the influence that media has on our popular culture and how it shapes individuals, groups, and society as a whole. ­Activities will encourage students to examine and analyze popular culture while connecting this influence to decisions made while in college and beyond. ­

Sports in Society
This LC will explore societal issues using sports as a medium. ­Participants will examine the roles that athletics and recreation play in our lives using a variety of resources. ­You don’t have to be a sports aficionado to enjoy this community – you only need an interest in how our culture is affected by them.

Sustainability and the Environment
How will the next generation find ways to balance our economic, social and environmental needs as the human population continues to grow? This LC will explore issues such as global warming, fair trade, alternative energy and environmental issues in a lively interdisciplinary context. Participants will benefit from field trips and project-based learning activities.

Additional General Learning Communities include:

  • Arabic Language & Culture
  • Chinese Language & Culture
  • Japanese Language & Culture
  • Swahili Language & Culture
  • Food Studies
  • From Fire to iPhone

REMINDER: Registration for general learning communities is only available during Bobcat Student Orientation in June.