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Russ College of Engineering & Technology

Engineering Explorations

The Engineering Explorations learning community brings together a small group of engineering and technology students to take the same set of linked chemistry, math, and discipline specific courses. This LC is non-residential, meaning you can participate regardless of where you choose to live on campus. While you may not live in the same building as some of your fellow members, you will take classes together and you can study together, work on projects together, support each other, and/or simply build friendships.

Groups are led by a hand-picked professor with a deep understanding of both the engineering and technology disciplines and what it’s like to be an engineering student. The faculty are determined to help you succeed. As a member of the Engineering Explorations LC, you’re challenged to think differently, to explore your own values related to engineering and technology solutions, learn how Ohio University works, and become a part of the professional engineering community.­
Russ College of Engineering and Technology quote and photoThe benefits are many, but surprisingly, there's not a lot of extra work involved. Members take a freshman seminar that meets one hour per week fall quarter and requires one hour of outside-class work per week.

Participation Requirements

The only requirement for you to be in the Engineering Explorations LC is that you be admitted to Ohio University as an incoming freshman in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. There is no additional cost to take advantage of this great opportunity.
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Learning Community Courses

Students will take an introductory course to their discipline, a math course, possibly a chemistry course (depending on the major) along with the freshman seminar course, that will be taken with only the members of your LC. Students will be individually assigned to each class, based on test scores.

LC course enrollment is for fall semester only. With assistance from your academic adviser, you will select a different set of courses for spring semester.