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Patton College of Education

Students who participate in a College of Education LC have a unique first-year experience, with increased opportunities to explore academic issues, make friends, participate in special out-of-class activities, and develop strong relationships with faculty and other education majors. Each community consists of about 20 students who enroll in three “linked” courses. You may also choose to live in the same residence hall with other members of your learning community.

Participation Requirements

The only requirement for you to be in a College of Education LC is that you be admitted to Ohio University as an incoming freshman in the College of Education.
Because enrollment is limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, interested students should submit applications as soon as possible. During Orientation in June, your Orientation academic adviser will review your LC assignment with you and assist you in building a complete and balanced schedule for your first quarter at Ohio University.

Learning Community Options

There will be several learning community options within the college.  Regardless of your major there is a learning community available for you that matches courses of your academic program.

LC course enrollment is for fall semester only. With assistance from your academic adviser, you will select a different set of courses for spring semester.