Scripps College of Communication

The Communication residential learning communities (RLCs) blend the best of the academic and residential resources at Ohio University. The RLC lets you take a package of three courses with other incoming freshmen in the Scripps College of Communication. Learning community course enrollment is for fall quarter only. With assistance from your academic adviser, you will select a different set of courses for winter and spring quarters.

All students in a Communication RLC will live in James Hall on West Green to make study groups easier to arrange.
Participation Requirements

The only requirement for you to be in the Communication RLC is that you be admitted to Ohio University as an incoming freshman in one of the five schools in the Scripps College of Communication. There is no additional cost for participation.

Learning Community Courses

What makes Communication’s RLC truly distinctive is the instruction in the package of three courses.

  1. A two-hour overview course of the field of communication (COMM 190) gives Scripps College of Communication majors an early look at college resources to help you academically, such as internships, advising, faculty specialists and more. Even better, we turn you loose on a fun research project that lets you see how knowledge is generated. For the overview course you will have either the assistant dean or a seasoned faculty member from the school of Communication Studies, Journalism, Telecommunications or Visual Communication.
  2. For the public speaking course, COMS 103, you will have an experienced teacher from the School of Communication Studies, either a PhD student or a university administrator with a COMS degree who has taught the course before.
  3. The courses in the major will be taught either by the school director (Journalism and Telecommunications), or associate director (Information and Telecommunication Systems and Visual Communication) or a popular teacher (Communication Studies).

The Communication RLC totals 10 hours. Given that the standard quarter total is 16 hours, you will have a variety of course-selection options at Precollege. To total 16 hours, you could take the following:

  • One 4-hour course and one 2-hour course.
  • One 5-hour course and one 1-hour course.

You could choose two 4-hour courses for a quarter total of 18 hours.

Because space is extremely limited in the RLC there are additional Communication learning communities that are identical to the Communication RLC, with the exception of a one-hour seminar (UC 1900) instead of COMM 190.

Great instructors, a peer mentor, and friends to help you make a smooth transition to college life. If this sounds like something that would interest you, complete the application. Remember, space is limited, so apply early.