College of Business

There are many learning communities available to freshmen at Ohio University each year, but only the "Bobcat Business!" and "Pre-Sport Management" communities are tailored exclusively to business students. In each community, a group of twenty students will be enrolled in a set of thematically linked courses, with some of the communities living on the same residential green.

Participation will provide a first-year experience that offers unique out-of-class activities, additional opportunities for building friendships, and early interaction with business faculty. Think of it as having the same course schedule as twenty of your friends; opportunities to study together, work on group projects, support each other, and simply build friendships are magnified.

In addition to these benefits you will have the added advantage of arriving at Orientation this summer with most of your fall quarter course schedule already planned.

Learning Community Options

Bobcat Business!

The Bobcat Business! communities are reserved for students pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business.  By enrolling in one of these learning communities, past year's participants were guaranteed enrollment in the following four fall semester courses that meet College of Business or university requirements:

  • ECON 1030: Introduction to Microeconomics (required)
  • BA 1000: Introduction to The College of Business (required)
  • Tier II Course
  • UC 1900: Learning Community Seminar (non-business elective taught by Business faculty)

Courses are subject to change; however, they will still meet College of Business or university requirements.

Participation Requirements 
Admission to Bobcat Business! will be limited to those students whose math score on ACT is 19 or above, or SAT score is 460 or above, which will allow direct admission to the required course ECON 103.

Pre-Sport Management

Students who are admitted into the Pre-Sport Management major are eligible for this LC.  Past year's participants were enrolled in:

  • PSY 1010: General Psychology (required)
  • SASM 2001: Introduction to Sport Industry (required)
  • Tier I or II Course
  • UC 190: Learning Community Seminar (non-business elective taught by Business faculty)

Learning Community seats will be tentatively reserved to the first people who complete the application process. 

Business majors who do not get a seat in a Business LC are encouraged to consider general learning communities that are listed on the Communities page (see the general communities page on this website) for which they meet the eligibility requirements. Enrollment for general learning communities occurs during Orientation.