Program Benefits

Learning Communities (LCs) are designed with learning, academic success, and life outside the classroom in mind. All students want to feel at home, get to know people easily, and do well academically. Ohio University's Learning Communities can help bring it all together, and provide a few nice extras, too.

Learning Communities (LCs) are an excellent way to meet new friends. As part of a community of no more than 25 students, you and your community members will share not only learning experiences and out-of-class activities, but support one another’s academic success.

Common Courses
You and the members of your LC are enrolled in two or three courses in common. These linked courses form the basis of your fall semester schedule. Now you will know a few friendly faces in those larger classes. Finding a study partner has never been so easy!

General Education Requirements
Every student at Ohio University must complete a series of General Education courses. The LC linked courses are General Education courses or courses that are required for your specific academic program. This means that when you enroll in an LC you begin to complete these requirements and progress toward your degree immediately.

Learning Community Seminar
This one/two-credit seminar course is the hub of your community. Examples are COM 190, FAR 190, PSY 110, UC 115, and UC 190. Your instructor will assist you in adjusting to college life as well as guide you through the exploration of what Ohio University has to offer. Each community will also have an upperclass student as a peer mentor to provide social and academic support. Other topics such as diversity, community responsibilities, and service learning will be explored.

Out-of-Class Activities
Participating in an LC will give you the opportunity to engage in academic as well as social activities with the members of your community. These activities often include the faculty from your linked courses. Some activities from past LCs are:

  • Cookout with other LC participants
  • Shopping/IMAX movie in Columbus
  • Dinner with Professors
  • Study sessions

OHIO Connections
From your community members, Peer Mentor, and LC instructor to the faculty who teach your linked courses, you will make connections throughout the university. Each of these unique connections can contribute to an academically rich, fun, and rewarding academic experience and your ultimate success at OHIO.