Apply to be a Learning Community Leader

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Learning Community Leader at Ohio University!

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  1. Full-time Ohio University student, with preference given to undergraduates;
  2. have a 2.5 gpa or higher;
  3. be in good academic standing;
  4. have a genuine desire to work with students;
  5. have the ability to relate to students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities;
  6. have an understanding of and sensitivity to transition concerns and problems faced by new students;
  7. possess strong verbal and written communication skills;
  8. be knowledgeable about residence life, student services, campus resources, and student activities;
  9. have experience working with or an understanding of the process of facilitating small groups as an educator;
  10. have a good knowledge of university policies and procedures;
  11. be comfortable initiating contact with faculty members and planning activities to involve them; and
  12. have the ability and desire to work as a team member.


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Already a LCL or in Learning Communities' eligibility pool? Simply send an email to Wendy Rogers saying you want to apply/work again in 2015-16. Thanks!